Daily 3-Bet: Seidel Scheme, Harman Lament, Antonius v. Cao

Jennifer Harman
Jennifer Harman: Who cut this thing?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a syringe full of black-market PEDs injected right into the thickest cut of the afternoon poker news backside.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the ever-dangerous Erik Seidel lurking again in an Aussie Millions High Roller, Jennifer Harman questioning some of the editing missteps of Sin City Rules and Patrik Antonius stepping up to a $1 million challenge from frenchman Rui Cao.

1) Seidel Lingers, Schemes at $250k Final Table

Erik Seidel might just be the easiest guy to root for in poker.

Sure, he’s already got a gazillion dollars in tournament cashes. But with his lack of pretense, killer sense of humor and great taste in music he’s just the kind of guy you hope sticks around – and wins – in poker for the next 30 years.

Erik Seidel
Seidel: Will sell you out for deer-antler use.

Off to a pretty quiet start in 2013 – and certainly compared to 2011 – Seidel busted early (for once) in the NBC Heads-Up event and promptly flew to Australia where he ambled up and plunked down $250k for the High Roller event yesterday.

He’s dead last in chips heading into the final table but given his history at the Aussie Millions and his often-underrated genius, don’t be surprised to see a "Seidel Wins $2m Again” headline tomorrow.

If winning with his play doesn’t work out, he also has a plan B:

See? How can you not love Erik Seidel? Check our news section tomorrow for a full HR recap and follow the best Twitter account in poker here.

2) Harman Post-Mortem on Sin City Rules: Disappointing Editing

Jennifer Harman
Don't cut Harman's jokes.

Ask any reality TV show character what he or she thought it would be going in and what the finished product was coming out and you’ll hear the same story over and over. Namely, WTF happened?

Poker pro Jennifer Harman has a similar feeling about her now-axed show on TLC, Sin City Rules. Her main beef, she says in a new post-mortem blog post is the editing:

"I was very disconcerted by the fact that the show’s focus was mainly on the feud between Lana Fuchs and Alicia Jacobs while the more comical and light-hearted moments ended up on the cutting room floor. Viewers were not given the opportunity to see much beyond the drama and conflict."

Also missing from the final product were any mention of her business ventures and a solid joke about Jacobs not sleeping with her husband. Still, Harman says she has no regrets:

"With all that said (or written), you may ask 'do you regret doing the show?' Absolutely not. I love the new friendships and perspective it’s brought into my life."

Watch the latest episode (6 of 8 total) below:

3) Antonius to Play Rui Cao in $1 Million Online Challenge

Patrik Antonius
I would do that.

Finally ... a million-dollar online challenge that will actually happen!

The buzz all over the forums today centers on a new $1m challenge agreed to by poker heavyweight Patrik Antonius and French high-stakes crusher Rui Cao.

Materializing in a chat-room offer from Cao, the stakes will be $1m split between three different games - $350k on Hold’em, $350k on PLO and $300 on 2-7 Triple Draw.

Next Tuesday is the expected date, although with Antonius still going strong in the Aussie Millions Main Event that timetable could change.

Antonius now also has the coolest acceptance of a $1m challenge in the history of poker. From the chat log:

Rui Cao: by the way
Rui Cao: wanna play a challenge?*
Rui Cao: lets say 1M freeezeout NL PLO and deuce?*
Patrik Antonius: it depents what kind of
Patrik Antonius: this would be online?
Rui Cao: yes
Patrik Antonius: i would do that

God bless you, Patrik Antonius. More details at HSDB.com here.

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