Daily 3-Bet: Seducing India, Podcasting DNegs, Moorman Erupts


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Today in the 3-Bet we find tales of a new poker obsession in India, Daniel Negreanu talks (and talks) and Chris Moorman starts a new legacy.

1) "Dark, Seductive" Obsession

We've profiled the burgeoning Indian poker scene a few times here on PokerListings along with a few of its most prominent rising stars, including Aditya "Intervention" Agarwal and Aditya "Sushi" Sushant.

The trickle-down effect of their success - along with a growing middle class and a 'Teen Patti'-driven culture of card games - is now really starting to take hold.

Aditya Sushant Day4 2016 Main Event
Rock star.

Games are booming in the major cities and, according to a new post on QZ.com, playing poker has reached "rock star" status in some high-end enclaves with high-stakes cash games a new obsession among India's well-heeled:

"Legally, cash poker games in India only exist in a few scattered places such as Goa, Sikkim, and Bengaluru. But everyone plays poker and, of late, it has arguably become an underground national obsession.

"This includes online poker which has six lakh registered Indian users on a single website, adda52.com. Scores of young people have given up lucrative careers to play full time. Yet, there are no regulations in place to ensure it is played responsibly.

"The poker scene often operates in plush neighbourhoods in top cities in friendly sessions. But alongside these casual games, homes and farmhouses are often rented out for “raked games.” Here the house operates like a casino, taking a percentage of the pot (rake cap) in exchange for administrative hassles such as paying off cops and deciding who gets to play on credit.

"Since the operational stakes are so high, many believe poker’s illegality has made India home to some of the highest rake cap games in the world."

It's another fascinating look at the spread of poker culture around the globe. Check it out here.

2) Negreanu Unchained

If you've ever been to a live event Daniel Negreanu is playing, you know just how popular he is with poker fans.

There's a perpetual rail 2-3 rows deep and the stream of photo and autograph requests is unending - all of which Negreanu, amazingly, never fails to meet with a smile and enthusiasm that speaks to just how seriously he takes his role as poker's de facto ambassador.

2016 WSOP Daniel Negreanu
Never a dull moment.

There's also been no shortage of ink (or whatever you call online type) spilled with his thoughts and views on poker, life and beyond over the years.

Is there a bottomless lust for DNegs content? That's been our experience to this point, and we're about to see if it can go even one step further with the launch of his new podcast.

Never short on words Negreanu sat down with his friend and poker "super agent" Brian Balsbaugh to kick off what will be a recurring podcast where he "talks to some of the most powerful and influential people in poker about issues that matter to you." Listen to episode one by clicking on the image below:


3) Moorman is as Moorman Does

Nobody in history has ever been as proficient as the UK's Chris Moorman when it comes to winning online poker tournaments.

With well over $13m in online earnings and, at last count, over 8 kajillion tournament wins, he's been an unstoppable machine of triumph over the better half of the last decade.

So why would last night's win in the 888poker $50k Volcano worth singling out for a mention? It was his first - of many to come, we presume - as part of 888poker's pro team.

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