Daily 3-Bet: Secrets of Staking, Secrets of Shoving, Scrabble + Poker

Daniel Negreanu
Even DNegs has tried out staking (it didn't suit him).

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a rack of high-value consonants, a couple of perfectly placed vowels and a wide-open afternoon poker news triple word score.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a piece on poker staking surfacing in the Wall Street Journal, Tony Dunst reveals Mohsin Charania's shoving secrets on the WPT Raw Deal and the holy union of Scrabble and poker is finally consumated.

1) Poker Players Get Staked; Public Just Finding Out

Faraz Jaka Day 5 PokerStars Joe Giron
Like any smart tourney pro Jaka knows staking/swaps help variance.

In the poker world it's such a given people rarely even think about it unless a deal goes squirelly.

Of course players are "backed" in tournaments. Few players only use their own money. And it doesn't lead to soft play at the tables. Not often, anyway.

The pervasiveness of staking in poker isn't so obvious to the viewing audience at home, though. They see the Main Event winner with his arms around a giant pile of cash, they picture that cash in the player's bank account (we're won't even guess why they don't think about taxes).

Wall Street Journal reporter Alexandra Berzon bursts the staking bubble a little in a piece today, although few in poker will find it surprising.

It's very well done and accurate for a mainstream poker piece, though, with a couple of interesting tidbits for even the most hardened poker player (the existence of Shane Sigsbee's 80-player staking company Imawhale, for instance.)

Check it out here. (Btw the player who finished 12th in the 2011 WSOP and spoiled Sigsbee's shot at a big profit - Bryan Devonshire).

2) Know When To Shove, When to Min-Bet and Fold

It's not quite as catchy as "Know when to hold'em, know when fold'em" but if there's a comparable chorus for the modern poker tournament player it could very well be "Know when to shove your short stack, know when to min-bet then fold."

EPT Grand Final winner and all-around tournament crusher Mohsin Charania is, in fact, a master of this very technique as WPT Raw Deal host Tony Dunst explains perfectly in this new clip.

Well, not perfectly as far as the music goes (Turn the raw guitar down, WPT!). But the explanation is great:

3) Scrabble + Poker = Scroker!

Love Scrabble? Love poker?

Hold on to your nuts, then; this is probably going to change your life:

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