Daily 3-Bet: Secrets of Fedor, Mercier 0-fer, Grinding to Climb

Fedor in the cosmos ftw.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a sack of pitons, a trusty belay and all the right finger cracks to scale afternoon poker news El Capitan.

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Today in the 3-Bet we unlock the secrets of a poker wizard, empathize with Jason Mercier's SCOOP plight and find a new take on climbing the stakes in poker.

1) There Is No Limit!

Much like the title of this 4-hour webinar German wunderkind Fedor Holz is offering this Fall, there's no limit on how much joy we get out of this promotional poster he's put together.

A soft-focus CrownUpGuy embraced by the cosmos with what looks like the Death Star in the background? Will take 10 of these to put up on our office walls, please. We'll also be signing up for this asap.

2) Even the Greats Want to Throw Laptops Off the Roof

We've never gone 0-15 in the highest buy-in events of the Spring Championship of Online Poker, like Jason Mercier says he has so far in 2016.

We have, however, whiffed on cashing in consecutive tournaments enough to appreciate exactly how he feels.

3) André DiFelice Grinds to Climb

We've always thought being a semi-pro poker player matched up really well with being a pro in another more "fringe" sport.

Snowboarding, beach volleyball, whitewater kayaking, darts, water polo, handball ... whatever it is, it's usually hard to make a good financial living so, enter poker and the freedom to grind/make money on an erratic schedule and it makes perfect sense.

Photo: Vice Sports

You have to have some pretty serious skills to make it work these days, of course, but it's a pretty nice way to supplement an income if you can find your sweet spot.

That's how it's working for André DiFelice, a professional rock climber - or boulderer, specifically - who's doing exactly that.

In an interesting interview with Vice Sports Defelice says it costs him between $10,000 to $20,000 a year to fund his climbing career and, without a sponsor or funding, he makes it playing poker:

"In 2016 alone, DiFelice's earnings are already in the six figures. And speaking of good hands, after months of recovery DiFelice's arm has mended and he's competing in the World Cup season.


"Three to five days a week, DiFelice focuses on climbing. On Sundays and Thursdays, he plays on PokerStars. This is the ideal balance, he said. Each must be done in moderation. Yet each, he believes, is vital to his success."

See? We told you so. DiFelice, now living in Amsterdam, even says he hit up the recent EPT Grand Final in Monaco, although we're not sure if he cashed. Check the full piece from Vice (with video) here.

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