Daily 3-Bet: Salsberg Heat, ISPT Flop, Poker + Kevin Faulk

ISPT screenshot
ISPT promo vid now just a bad joke?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a reasonably-priced afternoon involving a Subway party sub and some glow-in-the-dark bowling with a former poker news Olympian.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Weeds producer and future Easy Game subject Matt Salsberg going back-to-back on the World Poker Tour, the International Stadiums Poker Tour flopping again this weekend and former Patriots running back Kevin Faulk offering up an indecent poker proposal.

1) Salsberg Makes Back-to-Back WPT Final Tables

Is there anyone in poker hotter than former-Weeds-producer-turned-poker-pro Matt Salsberg?

salsberg WPT winner
Salsberg: So hot right now.

After winning WPT Paris last September (just days after Showtime declined to pick up his new show, Whales), Salsberg now has back-to-back final tables on the WPT at the Borgata Open and Lucky Hearts Open.

Short stacked and at risk of elimination several times in Florida yesterday, Salsberg managed a string of double ups to crash the final table in fifth spot. He'll need some more run good to get a sniff at the win, but at this point we wouldn't bet against him at any price.

If we were executives at Showtime, we might take a second look at those scripts too.

If you want more of the Matt Salsberg story, you're in luck as we've lined him up to be a feature subject in our Easy Game mini-documentary series this month.

Stay tuned for more; watch Salsberg vie for his second WPT title on the live stream here.

2) ISPT Satellite Postponed After 2 Players Register

Prosper Masquelier
ISPT co-founder Prosper Masquelier.

We're now likely beating a dead horse here but it seems there's just no end to the International Stadiums Poker Tour comedy of errors.

After just 13 players made it through to the live Day 2 at Wembley via MyPoker.fr last week, things got even worse this weekend.

Just 2 players registered for the Day 1a satellite on Lock Poker forcing a "postponement" of the tournament until next weekend.

There were also some technical glitches on Lock which supposedly led to the postponement, but the number of registrants is a pretty safe sign of the overall enthusiasm/trust level out there for this thing.

If we were betting on it, we'd guess the ISPT shuts this thing down for good with a vague and surprisingly stand-offish press release within a couple weeks.

Wonder how much a deposit on Wembley Stadium runs and how much of it you can write off.

More on the ongoing ISPT debacle here.

3) Play Poker with RB Kevin Faulk for $1,250

Speaking of ego-driven enterpises, have you heard about Tiki Barber's Thuzio? If you haven't, you should read this amazing Grantland piece about it by Rembert Browne asap.

kevin faulk
Will fish for $.

The former New York Giants running back has a new "pay to hang out" with pro athletes project which has to be seen/read to believe.

Want a 10-minute phone call with Cedric Ceballos? $99 will get you one. And that's just one of hundreds of ways you can buy time from former pro athletes of various degrees of renown/price points.

One of those things? The presence of New England Patriots running back Kevin Faulk at your poker tournament for just $1,250 - something Browne says is inspired retailing:

“So first off, he's a genius, because he's the only one with a poker option. But think about this for a second. He's getting paid to come play poker.

“Which means he's essentially being given chips, thus never paying out of pocket for a game one has to assume he's obsessed with.

 “This is one of the few win-wins in the land of Thuzio, because for the buyer, having Kevin Faulk come over and play poker is a great story, and obviously, for Kevin, it's a beautiful working of the system."

Check out an amazing sample of pro athlete hubris here.

NOTE: Lunch or dinner with 2006 World Series of Rock Paper Scissors champ Annie Duke will cost you $1,000.

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stuart brown 2013-02-13 01:35:35

$1000 for dinner? You must be joking!

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