Daily 3-Bet: Run Ronaldo Run, Sklansky>Cepheus, Volpe Wins


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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Ronaldo making a surprise run at the PCA, David Sklansky chiming in on Cepheus and Paul Volpe winning yet again.

1) Ronaldo Still Kicking on Day 4 of PCA

Paul Pierce
Bigger than Paul Pierce at WSOP? We'll see.

Is this real life?

Brazilian football legend Ronaldo is starting Day 4 of the 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the middle of the pack with 512,000 chips.

Only 57 players remained to start the day.

With Brazilian poker inching ever closer to the tipping point the timing for a deep Ronaldo run simply couldn’t be better.

Ronaldo making the final table of the PCA would be mainstream news and unanimously great for the game of poker.

You can follow Ronaldo’s quest for poker glory via the PCA livestream here. Get ready to share the stream with an onslaught of Brazilians, however.

We’ve seen this song and dance many times before with Paul Pierce and Roberto Luongo making deep runs in the WSOP Event.

Isn’t it about time we had a bonafide sports legend do something incredible like win an event outright?

2) David Sklansky: "Pros Can Out-Earn Cepheus"

Theory of Poker author David Sklansky has a bone to pick with new poker A.I. Cepheus

According to a story with Bloomberg, Sklansky believes Cepheus will, in fact, beat him at the tables.

David Sklansky
David Sklansky

That doesn’t mean poker pros should hang up their sunglasses and card protectors, however, as Sklansky maintains that real-life poker pros are better at extracting value from bad players.

“I will destroy that beginner to a greater degree than this computer program will,” he told Bloomberg.

Apparently Cepheus protects itself from losing money to a larger degree than professionals and is unlikely to take risks.

Cepheus, which was unveiled last week by researchers at the University of Alberta, can only play Heads-Up Limit Hold’em (breathe a sigh of relief, NLHE players).

Despite its limitations Sklansky did say he was impressed with the A.I.’s abilities.

3) Paul Volpe Picks Up Another Title and $89k

Paul Volpe

New Jersey’s Paul Volpe might just be the most underrated MTT crusher around.

Volpe outlasted 217 players to win a $2k side event at the PCA earlier today for $89,140.

The confident Volpe even declined a four-handed deal, which ended up being the right decision.

Volpe has quietly amassed over $3 million in lifetime live tournament earnings including a WSOP bracelet victory, three EPT side event wins and of course back-to-back WPT final tables in 2013.

That’s not even counting online where he plays as paulgees81 and has raked in another $5 million from PokerStars, Full Tilt, Party Poker and other sites.

He even got a nice jab from buddy Darren Rabinowitz!

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