Daily 3-Bet: Flushy Phil, Selbst vs. Schemion, Sharky Sara Chafak

Sara Chafak
Do. Not. Underestimate.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet (the last of 2014) we’re highlighting three crazy moments from the first season of Shark Cage, which concludes tonight!

1) Phil Laak Rivers Flush Against Lex Veldhuis

This one is pretty much what it sounds like. Veldhuis flops trips but Laak goes on to hit his flush in the very first episode of Shark Cage.

“That’s the quietest I’ve ever seen you,” exclaimed Veldhuis after Laak won the hand.

Interestingly in Episode 1 it was the amateur Gareth Coles that went on to win. Check out Laak's good fortune below:

2) Selbst Gets Caught in Big Bluff

Episode 8 was probably the toughest table of the entire show with Michael Mizrachi, Tony G, Ole Schemion, Vanessa Selbst and online qualifier David Harrison battling it out.

Elite competition can sometimes lead to unconventional moves and that’s just what happened when Selbst tried to pull of a big bluff against German poker superstar Ole Schemion with nine-high.

Schemion nearly laid it down but eventually made a crying call to put Selbst in the cage. Schemion went on to win the table and qualify for the final.

3) Sara Chafak Bluffs Ronnie Bardah 

When Miss Finland pulls off an incredible bluff against a professional poker player you tend to take notice.

Sara Chafak’s play against Ronnie Bardah was easily the highlight of the first season of Shark Cage and made us wish we had a chance to see her play in the final (although Kara Scott made it through in Episode 7 so that was a nice consolation prize).

Check out Chafak’s work in the video below:

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