Daily 3-Bet: Rondo = Poker Shark, Hockey Bet, #Griffining on Twitch.tv

Griffin Benger

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the 16th seed that’s primed for some major league upsets in the mid-afternoon poker news playoffs.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Rajon Rondo’s skill as a poker player, a former NY police officer getting convicted for poker and Griffin Benger’s upstart poker stream on Twitch.tv.

1) Rajon Rondo: Math Whiz, Poker Shark

Rajon Rondo 3 Eric Kilby

Basketball players are notorious card players.

We’ve witnessed it first hand as Paul Pierce, Gilbert Arenas and Earl Barron are just a few of the notables who have taken to the felt in recent years.

One player we hadn’t heard about?

Rajon Rondo.

The Dallas Maverick was featured in excellent ESPN article this week titled Rajon Rondo: Good at Math, Bad at People, which delved into his proficiency in crunching numbers:

Rondo is adept at poker -- computing probabilities, counting cards -- emptying teammates' pockets. He's a whiz at bourré, the famously contentious card game that's fractured many an NBA locker room.

If only there was a World Series of Bourré event. The drama!

2) PokerStars Offers $10k Freeroll for NHL Playoffs


PokerStars has one hell of a promotion for you if you live in Canada.

Right now in the PokerStars lobby there are 16 tournaments named for each NHL team in the playoffs.

If you register for certain team and that team goes on to win the Stanley Cup then you’re entered into a $10,000 freeroll on June 15 with $1,000 dedicated to the winner.

Who’s going to win? Kid Poker always seems to have a pretty good handle on this kind of thing.

Regardless it's disappointing that arguably the best poker player in the NHL, one Roberto Luongo, won't be going to the show since his Florida Panthers were eliminated. Oh well, more time to play poker right?

You have until April 19 to make your selection.

3) Everyday I’m #Griffining

Did you hear Griffin Benger has a stream on Twitch.tv?

Well he does and it’s pretty great.

Benger, with his background in pro video games, is one of the ideal candidates to showcase poker on a site that is dominated by video game streams.

Twitch.tv is quickly building a very solid roster of poker pros with Jason Somerville, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and now Benger providing some A+ poker content.

It’s a great time to check out the stream as he started up Twitch.tv just a few minutes before this article was published and should be live for the rest of the day.

Check out Benger’s slick set up below:

griffin benger
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