Daily 3-Bet: Return of ShaGuar, King of Giraffes, Poker Night Royale

What up again, Swedes.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an Atari paddle, a dusted-off Pong cartridge and one mesmerizing, slow-mo afternoon poker news bing-bong session.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Griffin Benger mounting a new Global Offensive, Dan Bilzerian delivers on a giraffe promise and Poker Night in America nails it.

1) ShaGuar is Back

Griffin Benger2
Good at streaming bizness.

If you've caught poker pro Griffin Benger's first few Twitch streams we're pretty confident you've enjoyed it as we have.

Quick, fun and obv. incredibly talented at the game Benger's put on a clinic in hosting a poker live stream.

As a former gamer and veritable Counter-Strike legend it's not too surprising, but still incredibly impressive to produce such great shows right off the bat.

The Twitch masses have obviously felt the same as he hit 1,700 viewers on his last stream.

Today he's got something even better up his sleeve - an AMA for fans followed by a live Counter-Strike: Global Offensive session with another CS: GO streamer.

Incredibly it'll be the first time he's played Counter-Strike in almost a decade.

He's a brave man - and not just for poking fun at himself for his growing monk halo.

More on Benger's background/AMA here. Watch our own mini-doc we shot with him right here.

And tune in to the stream below:

2) Bilzerian Delivers on Charity Event, Giraffe

Yep. It's definitely questionable to bring an actual, full-size giraffe to a human party.

Even more questionable if it's a Dan Bilzerian, school-girl-themed poker party at his house is the Hollywood Hills.

Things somehow seemed to work out OK this weekend as Bilzerian hosted a bash on Saturday to benefit the DJ Steve Aoki charity fund.

Vin Diesel was there. Ludacris was there. And yes, an actual giraffe was there. They even raised $100k, apparently.

Just please tell us that giraffe made it out of there unscathed - both literally and figuratively.

3) Poker Night in America Delivers Fun, Fast Episode

If you haven't caught the latest episode of Poker Night in America and have 22 minutes on your hands, we recommend you have at it right now.

Fast-paced and well edited with a great mix of players/hands/segments, this is exactly the kind of show that makes poker look like fun again.

Just the right amount of Phil Laak/Phil Hellmuth, too, which is no small feat to accomplish. Well played, Poker Night.

The next event coming up at the Sugarhouse Casino in Philadelphia looks equally fun with Hellmuth, Darren Elias and Dan Shak confirmed for the big cahs-game along with three of Philly's local "Cheesesteak Kings."

Also back by popular demand is the Ladies Night cash-game, this time featuring Jen Shahade, Beth Shak, Christina Lindley, Jessica Dawley and more.

We'll make sure to post it when it airs. More info here; watch the latest episode below:

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