Daily 3-Bet: REG Donations, David Carr’s Game, Negreanu Rocks

reg donations
REG Donations for 2014

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll look at the incredible efficiency of REG in 2014, David Carr’s poker game and Daniel Negreanu’s recent trip to Rock of Ages.

1) REG Charity Raises $500k in 2014

Martin Jacobson
Martin Jacobson donated $250,000 to REG.

Raising for Effective Giving, which was founded by Igor Kurganov, Liv Boeree and Philipp Gruissem, announced today they raised $500,000 for effective charities in 2014.

That’s a whole lot of money going to some very good causes.

That total got a big boost from World Champ Martin Jacobson who plunked down $250,000 for the charity.

You can check out where exactly the money went in the lead photo in this article but GiveDirectly, GiveWell and Mercy for Animals were among the many charities that benefited from the organization.

REG is quickly turning into one of the strongest charity initiatives ever started in poker. It's going to be exciting watching the organization grow even more in 2015.

2) David Carr: Great at Journalism, Terrible at Poker

We’ve never heard this one before but apparently the late journalism icon David Carr played a regular poker home game with fellow media members.

The Chief of Communications for CBS, President of Ish Entertainment and CEO of Slate all frequented the game, according to a story with the NY Post.

David Carr
David Carr: NY Times Photo

There’s talk of holding a special tournament in Carr’s memory next month.

Interestingly Carr wasn’t particularly good at the game.

According to his friends Carr would frequently dust off $200 and then, ever the journalist, he would spend the rest of the night live-Tweeting the game.

It’s refreshing to hear that someone as brutally honest as Carr found value in a simple game with chips, playing cards and a whole lot of bluffing.

3) Negreanu Stops By Rock of Ages, Continues Media Blitz

Daniel Negreanu
All Negreanu, all the time.

Is Daniel Negreanu on the brink of transcending poker?

It sure feels that way lately as the poker icon has been featured heavily by mainstream sports media around the world thanks to his campaign for an NHL team in Las Vegas.

It seems that everywhere Negreanu goes lately the cameras are following and that includes the Rock of Ages musical in Las Vegas.

Negreanu, and pal Jennifer Harman, took a photo with the entire cast of the musical following the show last night.

Kid Poker also released a video for Vegas Wants Hockey where he explained the benefits of a major sports team in Las Vegas.

Let’s hope Negreanu will still make time to play a few poker tournaments over the next few years.

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