Daily 3-Bet: Raymer Responds, Duke Doubt, Bra-Free Poker

Annie Duke
Annie Duke: Still an expert to some.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the free-balling free spirit going commando under the afternoon poker news three-piece suit.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Greg Raymer answering some candid questions in a new AMA, Annie Duke and Howard Lederer explaining doubt and gambling on RadioLab and Danielle Anderson sharing one of her favorite, umm, parts about playing poker.

1) Raymer Carries On Post-Arrest, Likes Wil Wheaton

Greg Raymer
Keeps calm and carries on.

It's pretty safe to say the past couple of weeks have not been the best for Greg Raymer.

His arrest on prostitution charges blew up on worldwide news feeds, making him a target for plenty of nasty jokes, and the damage to his family may or may not be irreparable.

Still, in the less-than-traditional poker world, the consequences may not be so far reaching. By the looks of things he hasn’t lost any sponsors and, in the grand scheme, he's also received a lot of support from a lot of fans and fellow players.

Despite the public embarrassment Raymer is keeping his head up and carrying on with his poker career, as he very well should, and went online last night to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for fans at poker forum FlopTurnRiver.

He couldn't answer much about his arrest but he did delve into a lot of candid and interesting topics including his work with the PPA, his stance on gay marriage and who he'd have at his ideal poker game.

Who knew Nicola Tesla and Wil Wheaton would make the cut? Check the full AMA here.

2) Duke, Lederer Talk Doubt on RadioLab Podcast

If you're part of the poker media, the names Annie Duke and Howard Lederer aren't exactly on the top of the call list right now if you're looking for a generic comment on something "poker-y."

To the mainstream media, though, they're still two of the biggest names in poker. And the team at the RadioLab podcast didn't have any qualms about drawing on their expertise for their latest show.

Centred around the idea of "Being Sure," hosts Robert Krulewich and Jad Abumrad hit up both Duke and Lederer to help explain how you put a number to the unknown in gambling - basically what we know and love as pot odds.

It's a pretty cursory take on things for a poker expert but it is fascinating to flash back to a time where Lederer and Duke were two of THE go-to voices for poker.

Check the full podcast here (skip to 26 mins for their segment) and view the clip of the featured hand between the two at the 2004 Tournament of Champions below:

3) Yet Another Reason to Love Poker

We can think of a million and one reasons to love poker off the top of our heads but we can honestly say we'd yet to think of Danielle "dmoongirl" Andersen's latest:

Can't say we know the feeling but we're inclined to take her word.

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