Daily 3-Bet: Ramos Runs Deep, MTL v. SF Go, Mercier Fam Cash

This is Brazil now.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a flood of fired-up players, a table-filled airplane hangar and no going back to the afternoon poker news dark days.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Felipe Ramos getting deep at the BSOP, a slugfest to kick off the GPL Playoffs and the Merciers get paid (a little).

1) When We Were Dealers

10 years ago, as Felipe Ramos and Andre Akkari have told us, poker was so marginalized in Brazil they could barely get two tables running for a tournament and players had to deal the cards themselves.

Felipe Ramos
Felipe forever!

Today, the BSOP Millions in Sao Paulo is the largest poker tournament in Latin America. This year it drew over 2,500 players and will pay out more than R$1,150,000 to the winner.

Two very big reasons for that are Akkari and Ramos. Brazilians have embraced the spirit of the game those two personify and become one of the most passionate poker nations on Earth.

It could, Akkari thinks, even transform how the country deals with racism and poverty.

Regardless of its lofty social goals in the immediate future there's a tournament champion to be crowned and, maybe not so coincidentally, Ramos is one of the players from that 2,500+ with a shot at it this year.

A good shot, even. With 186 players left Ramos is 4th in chips. Play is about to get underway for Day 3 and we'll be keeping an eye on how Ramos fares. 

If you want to give him a quick vamooooos! in support over on his Twitter account, we're sure he'd appreciate it.

2) Let's Get Cubed!

As we mentioned yesterday the Global Poker League playoffs are about to get underway and the opening match is a doozy.

Americas Conference champs the Montreal Nationals take on the "underdog" San Francisco Rush in the signature GPL Cube to advance to the next round. Here are the matchups for the Best of 7 showdown:

  • Pascal Lefrancois vs. Faraz Jaka
  • Mike 'Timex' McDonald vs. Jonathan Jaffe
  • Marc-Andre Ladouceur vs. Phil Galfond

MTL has the 130k-100k chip advantage but San Fran has the power of Galfond. Who will prevail? Let's find out! Action begins in about 1 hour below.

3) The Couple that Cashes Together ...

Feels the same disappointment of not getting deeper together, obv.

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