Daily 3-Bet: Railing Thomas, Tipping Dealers, Seidel Album

Russell Thomas
Russell Thomas

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the naked baby in the pool surrounded by cash on the cover of the seminal afternoon poker news album.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jason Somerville revisiting former student Russell Thomas’ Sunday Million win, Gavin Griffin debating the pros and cons of playing against and/or tipping dealers and Erik Seidel introduces the world to his first album cover.

1) Somerville Breaks Down Thomas’ Sunday Million Win

We noted former Octo-Niner Russell Thomas’ Sunday Million win last week and now we have a chance, thanks to Jason Somerville, to revisit how he finished it off.

Somerville famously coached Thomas prior to and during his WSOP Main Event final-table appearance and produced the fantastic behind-the-scenes The Final Table series about Thomas’ journey.

This is a bit lighter on the production value obv., as Somerville simply talks strategy over the replay of Thomas’ final table from 5 players in, but if you love free insight from great players (and we do), this is worth your 30 mins. Check the clip here:

2) Griffin Talks Dealer Etiquette, Tipping

Gavin Griffin
Griffin: Tips should be earned.

Speaking of player insight we never tire of, Gavin Griffin has proven time and again he always has something thoughtful to say about the world of poker and he's done it again in a new blog post.

Delving into some of the more contentious issues the average grinder may come across with dealers at a local casino, Griffin shares his thoughts on playing with off-duty dealers, if/how much to tip and dealers chastising players for their play. An excerpt:

"At my current home casino, they allow their employees to play while they’re off duty, and the dealers can even play when they’re working.

"I don’t get many dealers in the games that I play, but there are some brush and floor men who play in them. In my opinion, if they want to play in the games that I play in and attempt to take away some of my EV in the game, no matter what the quality of their service is on a regular basis, I don’t tip them.

"I’m not the best tipper in the first place because I only tip the dealers and floor people that are above average at their job, and then, not on every pot that I win or every day that I show up (We can get into this in a different article I suppose), but when someone attempts to cut into my livelihood and their livelihood depends on tips, I feel a need to reciprocate the sentiment."

3) Seidel Finds Album Cover; Now Just Needs Music Lessons

As we've said before, for our money Erik Seidel is the best tweeter in poker.

He always has something insightful, sharp or funny to say, doesn't overdo his chip counts and never, ever posts food pics and/or sniffles updates.

A noted music lover, Seidel also tips us off to a few good bands worth checking out, so we definitely got a kick out of his latest Tweet which really does have the feel of a good album cover:

Our title/instrument suggestion: Erik Seidel: He Might Be Giant - A Tribute to the Bassoon.

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