Daily 3-Bet: Raidalot Invests £30m, Bilzerian Rerun, “Pamsi” Debut

Does Dan Bilzerian even own a jet???

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at poker player/businessman Talal Shakerchi making a huge investment in iPhone tech, Dan Bilzerian re-using old content and a hyper-active YouTube producer taking on poker.

1) Shakerchi Invests in iPhone Battery Company

Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi is renowned for a few big losses at the poker tables but it’s his razor-sharp business acumen that got him there in the first place.

Talal Shakerchi
Talal Shakerchi

This week Shakerchi made a bold business play and invested £30m in a company researching potentially revolutionary batteries for the iPhone.

The company in question, Intelligent Energy, is dedicated to designing hydrogen fuel cells that could replace traditional batteries and would in fact be far more efficient.

Intelligent Energy was rumored to have a had detailed discussions with Apple and even had a working prototype of an iPhone that could run for a week using a single fuel cartridge.

The company was apparently coming dangerously close to running out of money.

Shakerchi was already the biggest investor in the company.

2) Dan Bilzerian Recycles Old Chip Photo

Yesterday Dan Bilzerian posted a photo of a massive $2.5+ million chip stack on Twitter with the caption “This game isn’t for everyone” but there was something odd about the photo.

We couldn’t quite put our finger on it but there was something familiar about it.

Fortunately today several poker personalities figured it out. He just re-used a photo from 2014.

Apparently there is a limit to how many massive chip stack photos a person can take! That can’t be great for whoever runs his social media.

3) “Pamsi” Debuts Global Poker League Video

YouTube video maker “Pamsi” is very, very passionate about the Global Poker League.

That’s pretty much all we understood from the following video. Perhaps you can do better?

She’s kind of like an Argentinean PewDiePie on poker. Except cranked up a notch somehow.

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