Daily 3-Bet: Rafa Debut, Sexton Debunk, Colombia Gamble

Mike Sexton
Mike Sexton, voice of the poker people.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Rafael Nadal finally ready to make his poker debut in the ESCOOP, poker icon Mike Sexton debunking the myths of pro-friendly tourney structures and a great poker travelogue into the heart of Colombia.

1) Rafa Ready to Debut Poker Game in ESCOOP

Rafael Nadal joins PokerStars
Rafa ready to ante up.

The huge buzz surrounding Rafael Nadal's June signing with PokerStars has, well, faded a bit.

He did the great mobile ad, the solid secret-camera video and the teach Rafa contest, sure. But he was still yet to actually hit the felt now going on five months later.

Which, really, is the key for the whole thing to bring in new players - to let fans sit down with the great Rafael Nadal at an actual poker table, live or online.

That's finally about to change this week when Nadal sits down for the first-ever ESCOOP on PokerStars.es.

According to Spanish poker site Poker10, Rafa is officially registered and ready to go for ESCOOP main event starting Dec. 9.

If you have an account on PokerStars.es, you can watch him play under the screen name RAFA.

If you live in Spain and need a new account on PokerStars.es, check out our PokerStars.es review here.

2) Sexton Debunks Kessler Myth of a Million Levels

If there's anyone who knows what's good for the well-being of poker long-term it's Mike Sexton.

Allen Kessler
Not all pros keen on Kessler plan.

The long-time player, broadcaster and WPT host was a fixture on the poker circuit before, well, a lot of today's players were even born.

That gives him a definite leg up when it comes to knowing where poker needs to go to keep new players joining the game.

One the the keys to that? Amateur-friendly structures for big buy-in events - or basically the opposite of what's in the best interest of very vocal, nit-leaning pros.

In his latest blog post Sexton lays it out pretty simply: Great players adapt to structures regardless and four-day events make for better long-term EV anyway:

"Many players can’t see the forest for the trees. They think extra levels and longer tournaments give them a better chance to win. They don’t understand how shortening tournaments, which give amateurs a better chance to win, helps them. Eliminating recreational players reduces value – plain and simple."

Bless you yet again Mike Sexton.

3) Gareth Chantler Finds Adventure, Value in Colombia

There's little we like more than poker and travelling so when you combine the two in a well-written travelogue, we're right on board.

On the grind in Colombia. (Photo: Gareth Chantler)

Self-described "Zoom poker specialist" Gareth Chantler has a great post up on the PokerStars blog about his poker-laden travels to Colombia.

Sharp, witty and packed with great anecdotes, it's a big win. An excerpt:

"This game was too big for my bankroll. But it was too good to pass up. The board was jack, ten, eight, all diamonds. And all the money was in the middle.

"My middle-aged opponent was exactly who you would picture at a 5-10 game in Colombia. Designer sunglasses, expensive watch, supermodel companion, and macho delivery - he wanted people to know he was secure in himself.

"I knew from the way he played cards that he wasn't."

Read the full post and more upcoming entries (we hope) here.

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