Daily 3-Bet: POY Battle Rages, Main Event Ready, Photo Phil

George Danzer
George Danzer

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a highlight-reel package of all the best stories to come out of the 2014 WSOP APAC.

You can make suggestions for future pieces while we’re embedded in Melbourne in the comments section below.

In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll look at an extraordinary development in WSOP POY, the eve of the WSOP APAC Main Event and Phil Hellmuth’s photogenic final table.

1) George Danzer Fires Back, Seizes POY Lead

Brandon Shack-Harris
Your turn, Brandon Shack-Harris.

Brandon Shack-Harris and George Danzer are putting on a show at the 2014 WSOP APAC.

Shack-Harris, who entered WSOP APAC as the POY leader, said there might be a few close contests in this series of tournaments and he was right.

So far Danzer has taken the lead from Shack-Harris in the first event (which they both cashed), Shack-Harris re-took it by making the final table of Event 4.

Now Danzer has once again stolen the lead from Shack-Harris by making the final table of Event 8: $5,000 8-Game Mix.

Danzer coasted into the final six (which was also the start of the money) and will start the final table tomorrow as the short-stack.

The important part is that Danzer picks up about 40 points, which will put him about 35 points clear of Shack-Harris. Danzer could go a long way to locking up the contest by lasting longer tomorrow.

It’s already been one of the best POY battles ever and at this point we wouldn’t be surprised if Shack-Harris and Danzer ended up playing heads-up in the last WSOP tournament of the year with POY on the line.

2) Main Event Set to Go Off Tomorrow

Joe Hachem
Joe Hachem likes Main Events.

It’s finally here.

The penultimate event of the 2014 WSOP season is set to begin tomorrow at 12:30 local time at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.

We’re talking of course about the 2014 WSOP APAC $10,000 buy-in Main Event.

Last time some guy named Daniel Negreanu outlasted 405 players to win $1 million and kickstart an epic WSOP that included a POY victory.

With numbers down across the board at WSOP APAC there’s no telling what kind of field the big $10 will bring this year but there will be three starting days.

There’s also a question of whether any new faces will show up (Phil Ivey perhaps? Probably a long shot). We did see Chris Moorman milling around the tournament area last night so online poker’s $10 million man might take a seat in the Main Event.

Once the Main Event is underway there will be only one more shot at a bracelet this year and that will be in the $25,000 WSOP APAC High Roller.

3) Phil Hellmuth’s Photographic Final Table

Phil Hellmuth’s campaign for a 14th WSOP bracelet didn’t go off as planned today but he certainly was entertaining on his way to finishing fourth.

We made a photo journal of Hellmuth’s latest final table exploits that included every smirk,

It’s practically like being there. Be sure to check out the Phil Hellmuth WSOP APAC final table photo blog.

Here’s one shot to give you an idea of what transpired at the final table:

Phil Hellmuth

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