Daily 3-Bet: Pot-Committed Politics, Ed Hardy Bluffs, Stream-athon

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The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a toasty electric blanket that will keep you warm on a damp and dreary mid-afternoon poker news day.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at the presidential election and pot odds, some next-level poker strategy from Dan Cates and a 168-hour charity Twitch poker stream marathon.

1) Wired: Republicans Can’t Fold Trump

Are the Republicans pot-committed to presidential candidate Donald Trump?


That’s the big question in a new article by Wired magazine.

The publication breaks down the various players in the Republican party and whether it’s time for them to ditch Trump or ride out the storm based on the poker concept of being pot-committed in a hand.

It's an interesting piece and you should check it out. Spoiler alert: Ted Cruz played a very bad, no good, hand of poker.

Hopefully in the coming weeks they'll use concepts like ICM and triple range-merging to further illustrate concepts in the election.

It’s not the first time that Wired has gone to the poker well to analyze this year’s election as Daniel Negreanu gave some insight into the debate.

Meanwhile if that’s not enough poker/election crossover for you, Weeds writer/poker pro Matt Salsberg gave Esquire some TV writer ways to make Hillary Clinton more likable.

2) Dan Cates Power Poker Tip

Today we’ve got one simple but powerful poker tip from the legendary Dan “jungleman” Cates:

As with most of Cates’ Tweets there wasn’t a lot of information about how he learned that one but we picture a showdown with a Ed Hardy-wearing overlord in a smoke-filled back room in Manila.

Or just, you know, a standard drunk tourist in the Aria poker room on a Friday night.

Are we close, Dan?

3) 168-Hour Poker Stream for Charity

This is really cool.

Twitch streaming sensations Jeff Gross, Jaime Staples, Matthew Staples and Kevin Martin have teamed up to do a charity Twitch poker stream to benefit the Michael Phelps foundation.

For the next 168 hours (that’s Oct. 9-16) the Streamhouse will be live with action from all four players at different points.

The group has officially made it to Day 3 and Jeff Gross is currently in the spotlight. Be sure to stop by, take in some action, and maybe leave a tip or two.

Watch live video from JeffGrossPoker on www.twitch.tv

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