Daily 3-Bet: Phil v. Tony, Chess Superuser, Benyamine Rising

Hellmuth: Can't resist a challenge.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a photshop-friendly Hellmuth/Tony G. triathlon planned, a junior Chess superuser getting busted and former FTP pro David Benyamine rising to prominence again.

1) Hellmuth v. Tony G. Torso-to-Torso in Malta Triathlon

Tony G
Can G. really swim?

So, it’s another publicity stunt. And will probably be a train wreck of awkward videos and catchphrases.

But the photoshops could be spectacular.

In advance of WPT Malta next week shameless pot-stirrer Tony G. has thrown down a triathlon challenge Phil Hellmuth has agreed to.

The stakes? Still unknown. The events are set, though, with swimming, bike-riding and three-point shooting on tap. Said the G:

“I suggested these three disciplines and am surprised Phil accepted them. It’s not as if I have been at the Olympics with the Lithuanian National basketball team is it?

“I have the edge in basketball. He may have a chance at the bike-riding though because he is sent on his bike frequently.

“As for swimming, unless he is attached to the backside of Michael Phelps like he usually is I feel I am favourite.”

Lame bike joke, sure, but solid rip on Hellmuth’s Michael Phelps crush. We'll give him that. We’ll also report back on the myriad shirtless, hot-dog filled memes that arise.

Note: Malta is a great place to play a live tournament. You should try it.

2) Hurry Up, Send Moves

Poker has had a number of egregious cheating scandals in its past and, rightly so, has been vilified in the media for it. And there’s a definite history of shady behavior in and around the game.

Jeff Sarwer
Chess players have found the honor in poker.

That being said, we still contend it’s not poker itself that attracts evil.

It’s money. And anything that involves money (see Wall Street, pro sports, pharmaceuticals, dog shows) will draw people who try to game the system.

Even in the cuttthroat world of Junior Chess it seems.

The always interesting Grantland.com has a great piece up today on 16-year-old Clark Smiley, the youngest computer cheat ever brought before the US Chess Federation.

In short: Smiley, while supposedly using a legal notetaking system during a match, was busted using a “chess engine” that maps out your ideal moves in real time.

He was only caught the once, but it seems like he’d been using it for months to go on a massive heater in his local state chess playdowns.

The story's too long to go into all the details but the piece is a fascinating look into the evolution of cheating in chess and how electronic training tools have permanently altered the chess landscape. Sound familiar, poker fans?

3) PLOminator 3: Rise of the Degenyamine

David Benyamine
Bonne chance, Benyamine.

We're not gonna lie to you. We've always had a soft spot in our hearts for David Benyamine.

Back in the Full Tilt heyday, when dividends were flowing and he had Erica by his side, it was hard not to like the lumpy, soft-hearted Frenchman nicknamed Degenyamine.

Really. He just seemed like a good dude with a good life and a hot girlfriend that belied his physical impediments. What's not to like?

The FTP debt debacle has shed a different light on him but it's still hard to truly hold a grudge for some reason. He's just got that je ne sais qoui, you know?

Awkward point being it's nice to see him have a good week every now and then.

On top of being named an ambassador for the ISPT (the jury's still out on that being good or bad, but still), Benyamine beat 44 runners to take down the €5k PLO side event at WPT Paris this week for €94,050.

It might not be enough to turn the corner completely, but it's a start.

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