Daily 3-Bet: Phil Hams, Rousso Jams, Blom Goes the Dynamite

Phil Hellmuth

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a quick spin through three less-traveled poker "news" stories that are worth a second look.

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Today in the 3-Bet we catch another humble brag from Phil Hellmuth, get a look into Vanessa Rousso's other passion and watch a blast from Isildur1's past.

1) Hellmuth Floored

Phil Hellmuth
In demand.

Owner of perhaps the most @humblebrag-y Twitter account in poker, Phil Hellmuth was up to his usual tweet tricks again yesterday.

While the rest of the big names in the poker world were busy playing side games at the PCA or winning $1m at the Aussie Millions, Phil was playing the $1,600 WSOP-C event at the Bike in LA.

Not to be outdone, though, he found some high-stakes action afterwards and now, Hellmuth says, he's needed courtside at the Golden State Warriors-Orlando Magic game tonight in Oakland.

Nothing but floor seats for Phil, of course:

No rest for the weary. Played poker for about 24 hrs straight starting in tourney yesterday at Bicycle Club and ending at Commerce Casino

Lost 7k in day yesterday, watched 3 movies, then lost 17k in 300-600 game. Now flying back to Nor Cal to sit on the floor GSWarriors/Magic

Stay tuned for his name-drop tweet featuring Warriors owner (and Hellmuth pal) Joe Lacob later.

Watch the game streaming live on atdhenet.tv.

2) Rousso Kicks Out the Jams

Vanessa Rousso
Rhythm has got her.

Fans of PokerStars pro Vanessa Rousso might also know she has a burgeoning side career as a DJ/musician.

Players might remember her sets at the WSOP main event last year, thanks in large part to her classes at the Berklee Music school.

Taking up to five classes at a time, Rousso says in a new video endorsing the online school that Berklee has taught her a ton and that a career playing poker tournaments and DJing/playing her songs on the side would be pretty much the perfect life.

Comparing music to poker, she says:

"One of the things which makes poker and music kind of analogous is the fact that there are so many variables at stake.

Whereas in poker you have all the variables like the psychology, the math, the player history … you have the odds, the cards that are out.

In music, you have, you know, the harmony, the melody, the rhythm. You have the production. All of these different things."

Watch the full video here.

3) Blom Goes the Dynamite

As Viktor “Isildur1” Blom goes about burning through his PCA Super High Roller winnings in marathon high-stakes online sessions, we couldn’t help but be reminded of this awesome clip of an 18-year-old Blom at the 2009 World Series of Poker Europe.

Saying anything would ruin it (although his exit really makes the whole clip), so just watch below:

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