Daily 3-Bet: Phil Gets Punchy, When to Think Hard, Everybody Loves Chris

Phil Ivey
Ivey gets into the boxing world.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is some sweet dragon-embossed trunks, a no-nonsense cut man and a one-punch knockout on the afternoon poker news undercard.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Ivey getting into the fight game with NBAer Monta Ellis, Chess master Jen Shahade tells us when to think hard in poker and the Twitter world rains kudos down on WPT Lapc champ Chris Moorman.

1) Ivey Gets into Fight Game


At the risk of "overexposing" Phil Ivey in the 3-Bet this week here's one more interesting tidbit about poker's greatest player:

Along with his growing poker training site/mobile app Ivey Poker, Ivey announced earlier today he's also now the co-counder of a new Boxing and Entertainment promotion company called All In Entertainment.

He's fellow co-founder? Dallas Maverick combo guard Monta Ellis.

Based out of Washington, DC, the company will represent sports and media interests, promote entertainment events and orchestrate boxing events - starting with a boxing card tonight at the Pala Casino in California.

He's Phil Ivey, and he's everywhere these days. And we love it.

Running a real-money online poker site in the US (maybe in his home state of New Jersey) next? Feels about right, doesn't it? More from Ivey's latest social media blitz on his Instagram feed.

2) Jen Shahade: Pick the Right Spots to Think Hard

Chess master and poker player Jen Shahade did a great talk at TEDx Baltimore recently with some very valuable insight into how chess and poker players make (and should make) decisions.

The crux: Thousands of hours of practice gives you the insight needed to make good decisions quickly, like when multi-tabling, but you've got to know the right time to slow down and think hard, too. Check the talk here:

3) Everybody Loves Chris Moorman

How happy was the poker pro community when Brit Chris Moorman locked down his first major live title late last night at the WPT LAPC?

Very happy. And rightly so, as Moorman is one of the hrdest-working, nicest guys in poker.

Also, note to pros: Moorman was just in our studios last week to record this great Essential Tips video, then he went directly to LA and won the LAPC.

Coincidence? Not likely.

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