Daily 3-Bet: PCA Rampage, Five-O Grind, How Binion's Went Down

Martin Staszko
For the record: It wasn't Staszko.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a fifth of Hennessy, a backstage pass and a very regrettable after party at the afternoon poker news Continental Hyatt House.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find some Czech poker players going Axel Rose on their hotel room at the PCA, a police officer who just can't keep grinding off his mind and the inimitable Nolan Dalla shares how the infamous Binion's Horseshoe met its end.

1) It's Not a Party Until TV Hits the Tub


(Photo: isport.blesk.cz)

Having been to the Atlanis Resort in the Bahamas several times we can understand how you might feel inspired to cut loose a bit.

With crazy prices, temperamental weather and the opportunity to tilt off a bunch of money pretty quickly it can lend itself to an "end of the world, might as well got out with a bang" type vibe.

We don't know if that was the case here but apparently a few Czech players got way out of hand at the hotel before the Main Event fired up and ended up throwing a plasma screen in a tub and hanging from a 17th-floor balcony.

Based on a rough Google translation of this article it sounds like the main agitator was Tomas Junek, a 25-year-old who won a WSOP bracelet in a $1,500 NL event in 2012.

Also of note says the article: the offending party was NOT Martin Staszko - which is a hilarious image in and of itself. By the sounds of it the matter was handed over to the Bahamian police, Junek had his passport confiscated and he's had to pay $6,000 in restitution so far. More (In Czech obv.) here.

2) Police Officer Grinds While Driving in a Snowstorm

Beyond the tilting references to "video poker" in this clip it appears, in fact, the passenger did catch a Bolingbrook, Illinois police officer on his grind. While driving. In a snowstorm.

It's hard to tell what site he's playing on but it looks like a Facebook app - Ivey Poker maybe?

According to ensuing news reports the officer has been identified and the incident is under investigation. Hard to question his passion for the game, though. Also, Nicholas - it's zoomed in all the way, dude.

3) Dalla Details Binion's Demise

Hit the skids fast.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Nolan Dalla is a certifiable living archive of poker lore and whenever he's willing to share a poker story we should all stop what we're doing and sit in rapt attention.

We love his stories, is what we're saying. And you should too.

In his latest post Dalla recounts the last days of Binion's Horseshoe Casino - former host and owner of the World Series of Poker - as seen from his perch as Director of Public Relations.

As you might guess, it's a gem. Read Part 1 here.

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