Daily 3-Bet: Patrik's Secret, Daniel's Dream, EPT Play Along

Patrik Antonius
We knew it.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a chin implant, a fresh round of Botox and a personal HOV lane straight to afternoon poker news riches.

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Today in the 3-Bet we unmask the secret to Patrik Antonius' success, Daniel Negreanu lives his dream and home punters can now play along with the big boys on the EPT.

1) Be Handsome >> Profit

Patrik Antonius
Smiling for Antonius like hitting 777 on slot machine.

It's been a running joke in poker for years: Patrik Antonius is literally so damn handsome poker players can't help but throw away pots to him.

After all these years, it turns out it just might be true.

A new study from the University of Technology Sydney in Australia has shown that, more or less, men who are confronted with attractive men tend to gamble more.

There's slightly more to it than that but the conclusion was that "men who saw photos of more attractive males took greater financial risks than those who looked at the less attractive individuals."

A follow-up study found that men take greater finanical risks when perceived relative income is lower, too.

Which, now that we think about it, makes perfect sense. Antonius has built a sleight reputation for being on the tighter side over the years, but that's obviously just all he has to do.

All he has to do is sit and wait for us ugly schlubs to dump our money to him. What a life. Full report from the Daily Mail here.

2) Play Poker, Bet Sports, Play Video Games

When we were teenagers we studied hard, sat on the bench for some of the worst varsity sports team in history and tried desparately to find any girl to agree to let us take her to prom in our mom's Chevy Citation.

Daniel Negreanu had a different agenda:

Look who's laughing now, Danie... oh, wait. We do eat a ton of delicious animal by-products, though. So take that, Daniel!

3) Make Decisions Alongside Pros with Play Along App

Isaac Haxton
Finally we can tell Ike what he's been doing wro ... oh right.

We don't normally go in for too many poker apps (although some are truly great), this one piqued our interest.

It's pretty simple, really:

Download the new Poker Play Along app, watch episodes of the EPT (on Channel 4 in the UK, for example) on TV and make decisions along with the players actually in the tournament.

We don't understand exactly how the technological mumbo-jumbo does it, but when you log in it even automatically syncs to the EPT show you're watching.

Make decisions along with the action, get them right and you'll earn chips you can cash in for prizes like seats in a Weekly Play Along Freeroll with $500 of real money in the prize pool.

That sounds, well, fun.

Just launch the app you'll see a clock ticking down to the next broadcast. Full details here.

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