Daily 3-Bet: Partouche Sham, durrrr Egg, Costa Rica Quake

Tom Dwan
Late reg, early bust.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a bankable three-blurb guarantee in a world of afternoon poker news pipe dreams.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the Partouche Poker Tour backing off its €5 million guarantee, Tom Dwan laying a two-minute egg and online grinders in Costa Rica waking up to a 7.6 magnitude earthquake.

1) Partouche Reneges on €5m Guarantee, Ups First to €1 Million

Big up top, short below.

An ongoing saga developed this morning at the Partouche Poker Tour main event in Cannes after organizers backed off its much-publicized €5m guarantee.

With under 600 players buying in at €8,500, the event failed to meet its guarantee and just €4.3 million hit the prize pool via player money.

Expecting an overlay, players were outraged to find Partouche denying it was ever a “guarantee” and claiming it was never officially communicated that way.

Archived screenshots from the Partouche site say otherwise, though, and confirm it was advertised as a “garantis.”

Even worse, it appears Partouche is actively deleting references to the guarantee and Maxime Masquelier, Head of the PPT, told iGamingFrance “At no time did we say that €5m was secured when it is guaranteed in writing.”

As of press time there were rumors Partouche might still pay up but the listed payout scale still reflects only about €4.3m.

A supposed French regulation allowing only a maximum of €250,000 added has also now entered the discussion. Needless to say, players aren’t happy about it:

On a somewhat positive note, the payout for the winner has been upped to an even €1 million.

2) Durrrr Late Regs for Partouche Main, Busts on First Hand

Jason Mercier Tom Dwan
#JustBadLuck for durrrr.

Speaking of the above main event, besides offering a re-buy option for the €8,500 buy-in the organizers – maybe in an effort to meet that €5 million guarantee - also allowed for a late registration option.

Players so inclined could register up until the beginning of Day 2 and still start with a decent-sized stack compared to the blinds.

One player who took advantage of it was Tom “durrrr” Dwan, although "advantage" might be too strong a word for it.

Dwan lasted just one hand before hitting the bricks this morning as his pocket kings ran right into Mohsin Charania’s AA.

Too late for a rebuy too, unfortunately:

Anyone flying to Macau today from Nice can likely expect to catch durrrr at the terminal.

3) Online Grinders in Costa Rica Wake Up to Massive Earthquake

Nick Binger and Matt Stout
Stout: Rattled.

Ever since US online poker players were exiled by Black Friday, Costa Rica has been a popular relocation destination for Amercian expats.

Several poker grindhouses were set up across the country, in particular around the capital of San Jose and near Jaco Beach.

With the launch of the 2012 WCOOP even more players have made their way to Central America for a hit of online poker.

They woke up to a different kind of hit this morning as Costa Rica was rocked by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter about 90 miles northwest of San Jose.

No injuries or major damage was reported, and the initial tsunami warning was called off, but it still sent a shock through a few unsuspecting grinders:

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