Daily 3-Bet: PA Thrust, Sam Sippy Bag, [YOUR NAME HERE] Open

Fencing gold in 2020, prob.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a startling appel, an indefensible flunge and a blazing flick to the heart of the afternoon poker news lamé.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Patrik Antonius getting his foil on, Sam Greenwood stays hydrated for a big decision and a poker tourney named for you. Yes, you.

1) En Garde!

We've been firmly in the "willing to watch Patrik Antonius do pretty much anything" camp over the years, mostly topped by watching him pick off huge bluffs in high-stakes cash games.

We don't get to catch him in those cash games much anymore so we'll have to settle for him, Fedor Holz and Ludo Geilich fencing, we guess:

We hope this was filmed for something, somewhere. We also wouldn't be surprised if Antonius medals in Fencing in Tokyo in 2020.

2) Excuse Me While I Squeeze This

When you're a travelling poker player and you need to watch every oz added to your luggage you find some inventive ways to cut weight.

Likewise, paying 4 at the casino for a tiny bottle of water becomes equally untenable and egregious - not to mention a total environmental disaster. So kudos to Sam Greenwood for this awesome collapsible hydration bag.

Doesn't make you look the coolest when you're contemplating a big decision against the hottest player in the world right now, sure. But major props for the eco/budget friendly decision.






3) Call It "Pulling a Veldhuis"

We've enjoyed many of the fun challenges put out by PokerStars over the years but this one might be one of our favorites.

Lex Veldhuis
King of $22 PLO 6-Max ... for now.

In short: Final table the $22 PLO 6-Max three times in one week and they'll name the tournament after you.

What's it called now, you ask? The Lex Veldhuis Open, of course, after Dutch Team PokerStars Online pro dominated the event so much they offered the challenge to him and he did it handily.

They've already made the obvious joke about a way for it to become legendary, but your screen name is pretty cool too, right?

Sign up here to give it a go; check Raszi's super fun Twitch stream here.

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