Daily 3-Bet: Newhouse Saved, Ivey Office, Sad Carter Again

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Mark Newhouse getting unlucky/lucky in the Main Event, Phil Ivey’s baller office and even more Carter Gill sadness.

1) Worst Card Saves Mark Newhouse in WSOP Main Event

Mark Newhouse
Mark Newhouse

November Niner Mark Newhouse seems to be the Cinderella story of the 2013 Main Event and this latest story just seems to confirm it.

Newhouse, who’s gone a number of years without a major score, wrote an article for the San Jose Mercury News that talked about a key hand deep in the Main Event.

The young pro was up against J.C. Tran and flopped two-pair. Unfortunately (at the time) the turn was a serious scare card. Newhouse slowed down and eventually folded on the river.

It ended up saving Newhouse’s tournament life as Tran had flopped a set. Newhouse still has a shot at the $8.3 million first-place prize when the final table takes place in November.

It just goes to show how the worst card at a certain time can actually be the best card.

We hope Newhouse has a few more interesting columns lined up for the newspaper as his first entry was certainly worth reading.

Either way it’s nice to see a mainstream media outlet running a straight-up poker piece.

2) Just Another Day at the Office for Phil Ivey

So this Phil Ivey Instagram account is kind of awesome.

Over the last couple months we’ve gotten a cool look at Ivey behind the scenes, whether it’s partying, petting a dog or eating sushi.

This latest shot shows Ivey “At the Office” in Cabo. While he could be getting an early start on his taxes, we assume he’s playing online poker for hundreds of thousands of dollars (it’s better that way).

For the record Polarizing on Full Tilt Poker, allegedly Ivey, lost $290k on Wednesday but made a furious comeback on Thursday and finished with a $34k profit. 

Just remember this photo next time you rail Ivey playing the highest stakes available on Full Tilt.

ivey office

3) Everything Makes Carter Gill Sad

SrslySirius is at it again. 

This time Bluff Magazine’s resident viral video specialist has taken aim at that whole Carter “Saddest Poker Player Ever” Carter incident and the result is solid.

While it starts off kind of slow it really gets rolling with Rounders and IveyPoker references. The end is particularly good.

We doubt Gill will be that bothered by it. Check out our Carter Gill interview to hear about all the different news outlets that have contacted him since the original video hit the web.

Here’s SrslySirius’ latest:

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