Daily 3-Bet: Neteller Returns, Yang on Seizure, Major League Poker

Jerry Yang
2007 was a long time ago.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is three fastballs from striking out the rest of the mid-afternoon poker news world.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll be taking a look at Neteller returning to the U.S., Jerry Yang discussing money troubles and using poker hands to handicap Major League Baseball.

Neteller Eyes Return to the US

A Whole Lotta Cash
Might want to deposit that on Neteller.

The last time Neteller was permitted in the U.S. Jamie Gold was the world champion and Main Event was attracting over 8,000 players.

Suffice to say a fair bit has changed in the last seven years but the former leading payment processor is contemplating a return to the United States.

In a story with the Financial Times, Optimal Payments, which owns Neteller, announced its intentions to move back into the U.S. market when sites are up and running in the country.

Joe Leonoff, president and CEO of Optimal, believe up to 10 U.S. states will regulate online gaming in the future.

Optimal already has a deal in place with Caesars Entertainment, which owns the WSOP brand, to provide payment-processing services. The company is already in talks with other land-based gaming operators.

It’s easy to forget but before 2007, Neteller was THE payment processor of choice and it processed payments for 80% of the world’s online gambling operators.

Hopefully Neteller returning to the U.S. will help usher in a return to the days when PartyPoker was like an ATM and everyone wanted a piece of the poker pie.

One can dream, right?

Yang Discusses Tax Issues on Fifth Street Radio

Jerry Yang
The Shadow speaks!

Of all the recent WSOP Main Event champs, Jerry Yang seemed like the least likely to go broke.

Nothing in poker is a sure bet, however, and the poker world was shocked last week with news that a number of Yang’s person possessions, including the 2007 WSOP Main Event bracelet, had been seized by the IRS.

Well last week Mark Hoke of Fifth Street Radio did an interview with Yang about his financial problems. It’s a decent listen and you can check out the whole thing here but here are the bullet points from the conversation:

  • As he promised, Yang donated 10% of his winnings to charity. Yang admitted it would have been wiser to donate after he paid his taxes, instead of before.
  • Yang says he got some bad advice, which led to some mistakes financially. To make matters worse he had his money locked away with Bank of America so he wasn’t able to pay his federal taxes on time.
  • Yang said he’s actually doing OK financially thanks to the success of the restaurant he started. He’s currently working with a CPA on his IRS case.

CBS Sports Assigns Poker Hands to Baseball Pitching

Poker + Sports Metaphor = Home Run!

It’s not every day that CBS Sports references poker but that’s exactly what happened this week when blogger Matt Snyder assigned poker hands to the starting rotations in MLB.

In the scheme of things, it’s really not too bad from a poker perspective.

It probably would have made more sense if they did a Texas Hold’em style with two cards and the board to come instead of made hands but it works.

San Francisco Giants fans will be pleased to see that Snyder assigned their team the highest rank of all teams with a king-high straight flush.

On the other hand the Houston Astros may not be as stoked on the laughably low seven-high their team received.

CBS should expand the feature by assigning best poker faces to players in the NBA or an NFL team’s pre-flop odds of making the playoffs.

Or best bluffs to diving soccer players, come to think of it.

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