Daily 3-Bet: Negreanu Swag, Timex Tip, Open-Air Poker

Daniel Negreanu
That's swag you smell, foo's.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a crisp fin and a deadly accurate wink-and-gun that lifts the velvet rope to the afternoon poker news VIP section.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a confident Daniel Negreanu exuding a strong odor in the general vicinity of his opponents at the EPT Grand Final, Mike "Timex" McDonald tipping his hand at the Monte Carlo Casino coat check and a brief window for open-air poker closed.

1) Negreanu Stinks, Wants Opponents to Know It

Think the ultra-confidence Daniel Negreanu exuded at the WSOP APAC as he smiled his way to his fifth bracelet has diminished at all?

We always thought that smell was jojoba butter and bulger flour, but turns out it's just "swag."

Whatever you call it it's working overtime again as he's locked down a top 10 stack at the EPT Grand Final with just 33 players left. Pro Dan O'Brien also smells what Negreanu's cooking:

Back-to-back major titles for Negreanu? Sounds like 2004 all over again. Watch him go for it on the EPT Live stream tomorrow.

2) Timex Tips Baller Hand at Monaco Coat Check

There's no shortage of examples of Monte Carlo's slightly offensive excess but Mike "Timex" McDonald" found Exhibit A, as he called it, at the Monte Carlo Casino coat check this morning:

We're assuming it's the $US hundy he's taken aback by here which, given our one lifetime experience at a place with a coat check, does seem high.

Unless he put his own tip under some bills to be more discrete, we're also assuming the hundy isn't his - which reaffirms our appreciation for Timex's finely honed decision-making.

Isaac Haxton
The last time Isaac Haxton saw the sun.

3) Brief Hint of Open-Air Poker Quashed

A couple things to point out here before we get to the point.

A) We're big fans of open-air poker.

We loved watching Stu Ungar clinch the 1997 WSOP Main Event title out on Fremont St. and loved watching Ike Haxton's hair whip in the hurricane-like breeze at the 2007 PCA.

Poker players barely get any sun as it is, so if there's a narrow window they can actually get some sun WHILE playing poker, there's almost a moral obligation on behalf of the organizers to make it happen.

Even a little bit of Vitamin D can save a poker player's life, we're told.

B) The Monte Carlo Casino can open its roof, which is pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, though, the brief glimpse we got at an open-air Day 3 at the EPT Grand Final, captured by poker pro Kenny Hallaert, never materialized and the day proceeded indoors as usual:

There's always tomorrow, we guess. Remind yourself of the glory/hilarity of open-air poker below:

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