Daily 3-Bet: Negreanu Suitor, NJ What-If, Naps = $$$

Daniel Negreanu
So you're saying there's a chance...

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a soft pillow, a cozy blanket and a quiet spot under the stairs perfect for some afternoon poker news shut-eye.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find an unexpected suitor for Daniel Negreanu, Alex Dreyfus bursts the PokerStars will they/won't they bubble in New Jersey and we officially declare naps an essential part of a winning poker strategy.

1) Negreanu: Hello, NFL Cheerleader

He's mentioned it a few times lately in interviews but Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu isn't really so much of a "kid" anymore. In fact he says he's getting to the age where he's thinking more and more about settling down and raising a family - or at least putting more focus on finding Mrs. Right.

Enter, Alicia - Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader. Featured in a "100 Hottest NFL Cheerleaders" list yesterday Alicia claims "her favorite movie is Rounders (a poker movie), and if she could spend the day with anyone it would be Daniel Negreanu (a poker player)."

To which, Negreanu says, he's amenable:


2) Dreyfus on PokerStars in New Jersey: Patience Pays

Much has been discussed over the past few days about the impending launch of real-money online poker in New Jersey and whether or not PokerStars will one of the early entrants. At this point The Rational Group has yet to be approved although there is some hope it will still make the next list of providers to be released on Friday.

Alexandre Dreyfus
Alex Dreyfus knows what he's talking about.

What does Hendon Mob/Global Poker Index CEO Alex Dreyfus think about it? It's not a big deal either way right now. Or at the very least let's just give it some time to sort itself out.

In a new post Dreyfus explains, based on his decade of market experience, that New Jersey's current potential is small potatoes compared to PokerStars' global revenue. And not being in the US only makes PokerStars that more powerful in the global poker ecostructure:

"If you look at Pokerscout traffic and consider that its accurate and can give you some guidance about the global revenue for Pokerstars/FTP, you can imagine that the group generates more or less $1.5billion in revenues (using a comparison with the French market that I know).

"So the potential revenues (to be confirmed) in New Jersey is more or less 2.5% of the global revenues. That’s not a lot. 

"What does this all mean? It means that as much as Pokerstars and its shareholders want to prove the world wrong (the industry), want to deliver the best poker experience to American poker players (that’s the reality), they will never decide to enter this market if the conditions are not reasonable."

It's an insightful piece from a true poker industry insider; check the full post here.

3) Take Naps, Play Better Poker

Erik Seidel
Erik Seidel knows the secret.

An article in Scientific American titled "Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime" has been making the rounds in the poker world lately with the key takeaway -- at least to our tiny, undernourished brains -- that shutting your brain off for extended periods of time is essential.

Like really, really essential.

Naps, meditiation, nature walks -- basically any type of mental break -- will increase your productivity, creativity, attention span, memory and decision-making ability.

Even just a 10-minute nap has been shown to improve decision-making. Your brain is still working during those downtimes, apparently, and solving tough problems you can't manage when dealing with "noisier" times.

So, yeah. 24-hour poker sessions... prob not so good for your bottom line. We also knew all those unintenional naps we've taken on the bus were working for us. We just didn't know how.

There's a lot more to it than we've explained above though; read the full study here.

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