Daily 3-Bet: Negreanu Secret, Gus Collapse, Jungle Bites

Daniel Negreanu
Things are good for ol' DNegs.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an exploitable betting trend and nostril-flare tell that pretty much turns the afternoon poker news hole cards face-up.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu narrowing down his recent success to a few key reasons, Gus Hansen blowing through his recent profits online and Dan "Jungleman12" Cates biting on Jason Mercier's bracelet-bet offer.

1) Negreanu: "It's Luck, Secret Edge and Choice Center"

So everyone knows Daniel Negreanu has crushed his last few tournaments (three consecutive main event final tables is truly sick), but the reason, Negreanu says in his latest video rant, is a combination of three things.

Reason #1 is luck or variance, he says, with key flips/pots in key situations simply going his way. Reason #3 is the swag/confidence he has from going through the Choice Center Leadership training.

Reason #2 though? Negreanu says a "new trend among the younger guys" he finds "really exploitable."

Interesting, no? He's not gonna tell us what it is, but given his results it's hard not to believe he's on to something. Check his latest rant out below:

If you want a shot at 1% of his WSOP action btw, enter his FCP Fantasy Poker pool here.

2) Hansen Upswing Painfully Short-Lived

Gus Hansen
Things not so good for Gustav.

So, remember the nice upswing Gus Hansen had last week that clawed back about $1.6 million of his mutli-million dollar losses online over the last few years?

Yeah. That was short-lived.

According to Highstakesdb Hansen set fire to another $1m+ yesterday, losing a ton to cottonseed1 in FLO8 plus a bunch to Kyle "KPR16" Ray and Seb86.

Looking at Hansen's graph since 2007, hsdb has him down $9.3 million over roughly 1.3 million hands. $9.3 million!

Much of that, of course, might have been "not-real" Full Tilt money but either way it's a gross number.

Even more painful Hansen had erased about $6 million of that in less than six months in early 2011 but since play resumed on FTP he's donated every penny of that back.

Get well soon, Gus. Check his results out here.

3) Cates Wants in on Mercier Action

It didn't take long for action to come in on that proposed 3-1 bet on winning a bracelet Jason Mercier offered yesterday.

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