Daily 3-Bet: Negreanu Rebuts, Chad Rebuked, Rap Icon Scores

Norman Chad, Lon McEachern
Can't let a good set-up go.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a late-night joyride around the lesser-known poker news neighborhood.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu bristling at an interview misinterpretation, Norman Chad pissing off an LA superior court judge and French rap pioneer Kool Shen crushing the EFOP.

1) Negreanu Bristles at "Twisted" Interview

In January, Poker Player UK magazine ran an exclusive interview with Daniel Negreanu.

Daniel Negreanu
Didn't say that at all.

Titled “What’s Wrong With You,” Negreanu was characterized as suggesting he “conquered” online poker, thought poker was in “big trouble” and that there's “something wrong” with young kids in poker.

Only problem, Negreanu says, is he didn't say any of those things.

Tweeting “Just read my article in Poker Player mag and it set a new record for the number of misquotes. Pretty impressive! They twisted everything,” a back-and-forth with the writer quickly ensued on the 2+2 forums.

The result was a quick reconciliation and a rebuttal from Negreanu posted on pokerplayer.co.uk that clarifies what he really said.

An excerpt:

“I don't think poker is in “big trouble” as was implied in the article, and I certainly don't think there is something inherently wrong with the younger generation of player.

“As I was correctly quoted in the article stating that players like DevilFish, Sammy Farha, Doyle Brunson, and Phil Ivey became fan favourites not only because of their skill set, but because of their interesting, and unique backgrounds and storyline.

“My fear is that the current story line for many of the younger generation lacks sexiness.”

2) Chad Scolded for Tweet Frenzy During Burglary Trial

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge seems to have less patience for the off-color comedy stylings of Norman Chad than ESPN's WSOP viewers.

Norman Chad and Jack Effel
Can't stop won't stop.

Chad was given a good scolding and a contempt of court warning by judge Laura Foland Priver yesterday for tweeting while serving on the jury for a burglary trial.

"He made a mockery of our system," Priver said to Chad's attorney, according to the LA Times

"I'm disturbed by this behavior. Once the information is out there, it's out there forever. The public who sees these tweets is going to think this behavior is OK."

Among the poker-themed tweets Chad desparately needed to get out to his 18,000 followers:

"I love my jury seat: Front row, on the far aisle. Great view, with all the aggressive jurors to my left."

"And, in an extremely unfortunate coincidence for the defendant, he bears a striking resemblance to Phil Hellmuth."

"I'm sitting right behind the court reporter - I get instant replay on all testimony INSTANTANEOUSLY! It's better than seeing the hole cards.

"Memo to WSOP: Jury seats in LA courthouse are far more comfortable than chairs in Rio Amazon Room. I'm going to bring you one to show you."

Not one to miss a set-up, Chad's ESPN co-host Lon McEachern tweeted, duty-free:

If any of you 18,000 @NormanChad followers feel let down by his recent courtroom actions I will gladly take you in.

If things go REAL bad for @NormanChad with the Los Angeles DA we can always do the WSOP shows during visiting hours.

3) Kool Shen Krushes European Finals Championship

We've written about the poker prowess of French rap pioneer Bruno 'Kool Shen" Lopes before, and he proved it yet again in the recent EFOP in Paris.

Lopes took down the €5k European Finals of Poker Diamond Championship last weekend, beating out 108 runners for a €100,000 ($127,514) first-place prize.

It wasn't just a field of amateur patsies either as David Benyamine, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Jonathan Duhamel, Ludovic Lacay, and Basil “Basou” Yaiche all bought in.

Lopes boosted his career earnings to over $300,000 with the win, although he says his main field of concern is still hip-hop.

Rightly so, as you can see in the video below (h/t to Booksa-P.com):

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