Daily 3-Bet: Negreanu Quits, McCain Yuks, Little Poker Bastard

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu: Not a fan of last card rule.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a bucket of quarters, free Heinekens and a software glitch that lets you secretly pillage the afternoon poker news slot bank.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu storming out of the EPT Barcelona High Roller, the McCain-plays-poker-during-Syria-hearing "scandal" makes for plenty of late-night fodder and we get a fascinating look inside the creation of an amazing thinking poker machine.

1) Negreanu Storms Out in Barcelona After TD Ruling

This thing has already taken on a life of its own so we'll boil it down to the basics and get it out there before it takes off even further.

Earlier today Daniel Negreanu was playing in the EPT Barcelona High Roller when a dealer, interpreting the controversial "first card" rule (all players need to be in/at their seats when first card is dealt) a bit strictly and called his hand dead.

Outraged at the decision, which was backed up by the TD, Negrenau went all-in blind on the next hand, lost and stormed out of the tournament. His tweets shortly after:

He's since calmed down, talked to the TD and written a full blog post explaining the situation and agreeing his reaction wasn't the best.

Plenty of people have chimed in on the controversy, though, including fellow PokerStars pro Jason Mercier, showing the rule - which was arbirtrarily implemented after a TD conference in Vegas this summer - is still a flashpoint for some.

2) McCain Poker Scandal Gets Conan, Letterman Treatment

As expected the John McCain "poker scandal" made the rounds of the late-night writers' rooms and bits appeared on Conan, Letterman and The Daily Show.

We still don't see what all the fuss is about (Seriously, they weren't settling anything about Syria in that hearing - you know how politics work, right?) but here's Conan's pretty funny bit here. Daily Show and Letterman's Top 10 below:

3) New York Times Goes Deep on Texas Hold'em Heads-Up Machine

OK, we just had our minds blown by this in-depth New York Times article on Texas Hold'em Heads-Up poker machines.

Run by an artificial neural net (three of them actually) that learned as it played billions of hands (then was scaled back to make it less "unbeatable" for the casino version), 200 of the machines are currently in casinos in the US. Coming out shortly are Phil Hellmuth/Johnny Chan versions where you can play against programs using their styles of play.

She knows that 3-bet was light. She knows.

It's a fascinating article in a dozen ways, not the least of which is how Norwegian Fredric Dahl developed the neural net. Here's a sample from the article:

"Gregg Giuffria, whose company, G2 Game Design, developed Texas Hold ‘Em Heads Up Poker, was testing a prototype of the program in his Las Vegas office when he thought he detected a flaw.

"When he played passively until a hand’s very last card was dealt and then suddenly made a bet, the program folded rather than match his bet and risk losing more money.

“'I called in all my employees and told them that there’s a problem,” he says. The software seemed to play in an easily exploitable pattern. 'Then I played 200 more hands, and he never did anything like that again.

"'That was the point when we nicknamed him Little Bastard.'”

So good. Read it in full here.

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