Daily 3-Bet: Negreanu Pokes, Hellmuth Parks, Hall Last Call

Phil Hellmuth
Can I take your car, sir?

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Today in the 3-Bet we track down Daniel Negreanu’s sort-of slight of Andrew Pantling at the EPT Grand Final, bear with Phil Hellmuth busting out of the Main Event and parking cars at the Rio and get our last picks in for the 2013 Poker Hall of Fame nominations.

1) Negreanu Pokes at Pantling’s "Recklessness"

So after highlighting Andrew Pantling’s perceived snub at the hands of Daniel Negreanu on the EPT live stream in our 3-Bet yesterday, we naturally wanted to track it down and see for ourselves.

Turns out there wasn’t much of a dig, really. Negreanu did call Pantling "reckless" and was a bit dismissive of his shot at winning the tournament, but all in all not disrespectful per se.

A bit too precious with his "secret tell" on Pantling, sure. And if you're rubbed the wrong way by Negreanu to begin with you can definitely see some umbrage-taking possibilities. Clip below:

2) Hellmuth Busts, Parks Cars; Ivey Coolered

Episodes 3 amd 4 of ESPN's WSOP 2013 Main Event coverage aired last night and this time we were treated to Phil Ivey, Michael Mizrachi, Max Steinberg and Anthony Gregg at the feature table.

Steinberg got to play the villain, saying Mizrachi "kinda sucks" on mic and taking most of Mizrachi's stack flush-over-straight. He also busted Ivey in a set-over-set cooler, giving poker star watchers even more reason not to like him.

Hellmuth melted his stack away on the secondary feature table before busting tens under jacks. After he busted he went and did a bit as a valet at the Rio. And now we'll never unsee that jiggly run across the Rio parking lot. ESPN bit below; full episodes here.

3) Last Call for Public 2013 Poker Hall of Fame Nominations

Thor Hansen
If you're called a "Godfather" anywhere in the world you should get auto-entry into HOF.

Speaking of poker hall of famers …

Tomorrow (August 15) is the last day public voting is open for the official list of 2013 Poker Hall of Fame nominees.

A reminder of the HOF criteria in case you’ve forgotten:

  • Played against top competition
  • Played for high stakes
  • Be at least 40 years old
  • Played consistently well and gained the respect of peers
  • Stood the test of time
  • For non-players, contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker

If you're looking for suggestions, you could do much worse than 2013 PokerListings Spirit of Poker award nominees Thor Hansen, Marcel Luske or Chris Björin.

Vote for your favorite right here.

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