Daily 3-Bet: Negreanu > Hachem, Richey Snaps, Be Like Chip

Brett Richey
Aussie? Oi.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a soothing tea, a lavender candle and the sweet, dulcet voice of reason in the afternoon poker news "he said, she said" wars.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu one-upping Joe Hachem in the "future of poker" department, Brett Richey less inclined to consider Hachem's point of view and the perfect role model for any aspiring poker player to emulate.

1) Negreanu Knows Best: Make Poker Fun or Money Dries Up

Remember the whole "poker is dying/recent WSOP Main Event champs don't help poker" lament Joe Hachem went on yesterday?

Turns out people in poker had some pretty strong reactions to it. Many agreed with him wholeheartedly. Some gave him credit for some valid points. Some said he's dramatically overestimating the decline of poker and the responsibilities of the Main Event champ.

Daniel Negreanu - who agreed with much of what Hachem said - also weighed in with Bluff in a follow-up interview and presented the bigger picture in a slightly more palatable way than Hachem.

And they're both right. Poker should be fun. For everyone.

2) Richey on Hachem: F This Guy

As we mentioned above, others, like famed poker rapper Brett Richey, were less inclined to consider Hachem's point of view given his own history of "non-ambassadorial"" behavior at the tables:

3) Be Like Chip

Young or old, quiet or loud, math player or "feel" player, man or woman, cash or tournaments ... if you want someone to emulate in poker to keep the game strong, look no further than Chip Reese:

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