Daily 3-Bet: Negreanu Leaks, Jacobson Chills, Chin for the Win!

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Martin Jacobson

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a luxury hotel room, 4k thread-count sheets and the soothing splash of a strong afternoon news poker stream.

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Today in the 3-Bet we watch Daniel Negreanu light up the Twitch world, the trailer for a new Martin Jacobson documentary gives us chills and Michelle Chin becomes the first-ever female winner on the WSOPC.

1) Negreanu Streams, Wins $50k

After a play-money trial run on Twitch last week Daniel Negreanu gave the people what they wanted this weekend with a real-money live stream that had, well, a bit of everything.

Playing from bed (no, really!) in a hotel room in Toronto Negreanu played the Sunday Million and some $400/$800 Mixed games much to the delight of thousands (and thousands) of viewers.

Cliff notes for those who missed it:

  • DNegs eats (and pees) a lot
  • He won $50k against likes of Luke Schwartz, Niki Jedlicka and Ben Sulsky
  • He does some great Elky, Scotty Nguyen and Jason Somerville impressions
  • He shares a ton of entertaining stories and great information about the games he's playing
  • He actually took viewers live to the toilet when he took a leak.

Watch the last couple hours of the stream below:

 2) Trailer for Martin Jacobson "10 for 10" Documentary Released

Want to get a few chills reliving the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event final table?

This should do it for you. Brilliant stuff from one of Jacobson's sponsors Natural Stacks.

Full documentary to come later in the Spring!

3) Michelle Chin Becomes First-Ever Female WSOPC Champ!

Michelle Chin (Photo: WSOP)

In all the years of the World Series of Poker Circuit we had no idea there had yet to be a female winner.

Yet-to-be until earlier today, that is, when recreational player Michelle Chin took down the WSOPC Council Bluffs Main Event at the Horseshoe Casino.

Chin collected $88,126, the WSOPC gold ring and a seat in the WSOP National Championship in Cherokee, North Carolina July 29-31.

Given the amazing caliber of female players to take to the WSOPC felt over the years its amazing it hasn't been done before - a fact Chin doesn't take lightly:

“It means a lot to me [to be the Circuit’s first female Main Event champion]," she told the WSOP.

"There aren’t too many women in the poker community. We like to see more and more women play because it is a fun game.

"No matter what sex you are you should be able to enjoy it. It means a lot to me. I hope I encourage a lot of other girls to come out and play.”

Full rundown from the WSOP here.

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