Daily 3-Bet: Naughty Boeree, £1.9m Reload, Lieu on Lake

Liv Boeree
Boeree: I'm your firestarter.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the precocious camp kid selling his tuck-shop candy off at outrageous markup but, you know, you just can’t begrudge his pluck.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Liv Boeree sharing her naughty past, an influx of money back into the Macau games and Liz Lieu representing ladies in poker on the new Ricki Lake show.

1) Liv Boeree: Chief Troublemaker of Team PokerstarsPro

Liv Boeree
Likes her mischief.

Besides being dubbed a member of “Team Kill Poker,” Liv Boeree has another nickname among her poker pals: chief troublemaker.

Asked about the moniker in a new in-depth interview on the PokerStars blog, Boeree says a sense of mischief is just her thing:

“I'm not bad, I just like mischief, you know? … But I was always in trouble at school.

“I went to a girls school and girls aren't generally that naughty when left to their own devices, but I'd break things, climb out of windows, start fires. Actually not fires, but...(Pause.) Things in chemical labs. “

Doing well in school has always saved her, though, and being smart has helped her at the table – so much so she has no doubt without her big EPT San Remo win she’d still be someone we talk about:

“I count my blessings. Of course I was a very lucky girl to have that opportunity. But had I not won San Remo, I think I would have gotten here anyway.

“I knew I was going to win a big one, I didn't think it was going to be quite so big, and quite so soon. I was like, 'Wow, cool. I don't know if I'm ready for this, but here we go!'”

2) Macau “Businessmen” Clean Up in London £100K

Richard Yong
Dead money? Probably not...

Generally considered the "dead" money in the big Macau games – at least among poker-forum dwellers who’ve never sniffed a high-stakes table – it seems like some of the most well-known businessmen in the mix have a lot more game than advertised.

Sweeping the top three spots at the recent £100k Super High Roller in London, "Macau Businessmen" Paul Phua, Richard Yong and Winfred Yu are bringing a substantial £1.9 million back to China with them.

That's a huge injection of cash back into the pile. Somewhere, we suspect, durrrr is smiling that Jughead-esque grin of his.

Speaking of durrrr, it looks like he's back in China too after an HSDB forum poster put up a chat from the $100/$200 tables on PokerStars.

In the chat a player named donthnrmepls says he played a 12-max game on Shengzun Poker (a site w/ a 20m HKD min deposit) against some high-stakes fish  -- backed for 63% by durrrr.


3) Liz Lieu Reps Women in Poker on Ricki Lake

So, first off in the "who knew?"* category, famed TV personality Ricki Lake has a new talk show on FOX that began airing Sept. 10.

Liz Lieu, Daniel Negreanu
Knows what it's like for women in poker.

Checking out the website it looks to be an Oprah-esque enterprise with shows geared mostly towards a female demographic.

We're basing that of course on the titles of recent shows such as "Pre-Partum Depression," "Psychic Medium Char Margolis" and "The Vagina Dialogues."

We could be wrong though. One thing we know for sure? We'll see poker player Liz Lieu on the show soon.

Lieu tweeted this week she was booked for a taping and later sent out a pic of herself backstage:

No air date is up but expect it in a couple of weeks. Follow Liz on Twitter to get the latest.

*We knew. We've known for a while.

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