Daily 3-Bet: Nate Silver Heads to Oz, Poker as Art, Political Bluffing

Charlotte van Brabander, courtesy PokerStars

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is three off-kilter predictions that always pan out in a normally conservative mid-afternoon poker news world.

You can always make suggestions for future 3-Bets in the comments below.

In today’s 3-Bet we’re looking at stats man Nate Silver making an appearance in the 2013 Aussie Millions, poker as art and how U.S. politicians are bluffing when it comes to the debt ceiling.

1) Nate Silver Confirmed for 2013 Aussie Millions

Nate Silver
Nate Silver

Stats wizard Nate Silver will be taking a quick break from the predictions game to play the 2013 Aussie Millions as a guest of Crown Casino.

Silver, who we interviewed at the WSOP this summer, has become somewhat of a rock star in the U.S. after successfully predicting winners in all 50 states during the last presidential election.

In the last year Silver also released The Signal and the Noise, which has become a New York Times bestseller.

Despite his current high-profile status, Silver has a background in poker. 

“Poker played a major role in helping my life to become what it is today, and is a great way to develop the critical thinking skills that allow us to make better decisions under conditions of uncertainty,” he said.

“No venue puts those skills to the test more than a tournament like Crown’s Aussie Millions Poker Championship with elite players from all around the world.”

Here’s a prediction for you: Nate Silver makes the money in the Aussie Millions.

Can we back that up in any legitimate way? Hell no. Who do you think we are?

2) Charlotte van Brabander: Poker Isn't Art

Charlotte van Brabander, courtesy PokerStars

Is poker art?

That’s the question poker player Charlotte van Brabander is posing in her latest post on the PokerStars blog.

Brabander has a background in playing popular PC game Counter-Strike so she first starts by arguing that videogames are indeed art.

Of course I think games are art. There are a lot of schools, art schools, that people come from before going into the gaming industry. Besides that there are many creative people behind every game that is produced, and some of the decisions that are made are high-level artistic decisions For example, with the making of the video game character Mario (of Mario Brothers fame), they made a lot of color studies and environment studies before finalizing the character's look. My answer is yes, that's art.

She doesn’t quite feel the same way about poker, however, in large part thanks to the aesthetics of the game.

Poker isn't art though. Not really. It can't be. Maybe the themes of online tables are art, but the game doesn't lend itself to art.

On the other hand have you ever seen Phil Ivey play poker? Pretty sure that’s art.

3) Matros on Politicians Playing 'Debt Ceiling Poker'

Three-time WSOP bracelet winner Matt Matros

Journalist/poker player Matt Matros is handicapping the best and worst bluffers in the Debt Ceiling debacle that is currently playing out in Washington, D.C.

Matros, who’s quietly picked up three WSOP bracelets in three years, penned an article for CNNMoney where he handed out awards to various politicians including Worst Bluff, Best railbird and Biggest Welcher.

President Barack Obama received the dubious honor of getting called the Biggest Nit thanks to his cautious position on the debt ceiling.

The article is a little bit tongue-in-check but Matros makes a very good point near the end.

There is actually one big difference between a real poker game and the budget showdown. In the case of the economy, there's a way everybody can win! But that solution would require risky compromise on tax increases and spending cuts.

The entire article is worth a read so be sure to check it out on the CNN site here.

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