Daily 3-Bet: Naoya Near-Miss, Nadal Fire, Neymar Poker Table Fail

Naoya Kihara
Naoya Kihara keeps on inspiring.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a stack of milk crates, a tattered Turkish Kilim and an impromptu poker news home game every bit as good as a major tour event.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Naoya Kihara continuing his inspiring journey through the poker world with a Sunday Million near-miss, Rafael Nadal and pals add a new twist to the standard last-longer bet and Brazilian footballer Neymar needs a new poker table. Desparately.

1) Kihara Just Misses Sunday Million Title

Naoya Kihara 5
Expanded his all-around game but can still crush an NL field if he has to.

We could go on and on (and have, really) about Japan's Naoya Kihara.

Beyond winning Japan's first-ever WSOP bracelet Kihara has, over the last few years, almost single-handedly changed the perception of poker in his native country.

Not just "five-card poker with no bets" anymore, interest in poker is surging in Japan and Kihara's been at the forefront of the evolution.

Meanwhile, he's also racking up impressive result after impressive result. Showing he has a great all-around game he was all over the leaderboard in Mixed Games this summer topped by a 7th-place finish in the $10k Razz Championship.

Showing he's still got the chops in No-Limit Hold'em Kihara nearly bagged himself a PokerStars Sunday Million title just this past Sunday. Chip leader coming into the final table Kihara outlasted 6,700 players - roughly the same as the 2014 WSOP Main Event - to take $150k for second.

There's a very good reason Kihara was our 2013 PokerListings Most Inspiring Player Award winner, and he just keeps proving it. More on Kihara's runner-up here.

2) Nadal's Not Playing When it Comes to Poker

Watch this PokerStars promo video of Rafael Nadal's home game in Mallorca and a few things stand out.

1) We'd give our left arm to be in this game just for the BBQ meat alone

2) Aging Spanish dudes like to feather up the front of their hair a bit for some reason

3) Nadal's got some genuine competitive fire when it comes to poker. His face when he busted and told the dealer he'd been giving him junk all night was for real. No wonder he's won like 45 Grand Slam titles. That guy's fire burns hot at all times. Check the fun vid below:

3) Neymar Plays Poker on Gigantic, Neck-High Table w/ Blanket

We love the fact that Brazilian football hero Neymar is in to poker and playing voraciously while he rehabs from that scary vertebrae injury during the World Cup.

Looking at this selfie, though ... we have our doubts about that table they're playing on. How do they manage to see the flop? Why are their seats so low? Is that a purple blanket? Why does that one guy have his wallet on the table?

So many questions. PokerStars... hook this national icon up with a new poker table already. At the very least someone in his neighborhood load up some wood and help him build one of these awesome ones for under $300.

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