Daily 3-Bet: Nadal Signing, Gold Mining, 4 Days w/ Ivey

Jamie Gold
Best. Main Event. Ever.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is just a group of kids from the wrong side of town – outsiders, really - looking to belong in the afternoon poker news neighborhood.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a possible industry-changing signing by PokerStars, look back at the WSOP’s golden moment and remember winsomely when Phil Ivey was Phil Ivey.

1) Rafael Nadal Rumored to Have Signed with PokerStars

Boris Becker
Zis ees boosheet.


It’s still to be confirmed, but Spanish poker site Pokergenio.com is reporting PokerStars has signed tennis star Rafael Nadal.

No official statement has been made but Rafa was spotted recording an ad for PokerStars on April 30 in Barcelona.

Now a second source, also looking for confirmation, is telling them Nadal has signed for two years and a rumored 12 million euros.

With Spanish legislation now in effect and poker sites sorting out back taxes to be cleared for licensing, this would be a huge coup for PokerStars – and not just in Spain.

Nadal is easily one of the top 10 most recognizable sports stars in the world and having him tagged to poker everywhere he goes can do nothing but help poker’s reputation (and PokerStars' bottom line).

Sorry, Boris Becker. You may have just been usurped as PokerStars' most important crossover poker/tennis star.

More from pokergenio .

2) Stay Gold, WSOP. Stay Gold

Speaking of industry-changing moments, anyone else think we’re on the brink of one of the most important WSOPs in history?

We had our hold steady moment last year, when people were still flush (or stunned) enough to buy-in big, but after a full year away from the online game will the US masses still pony up in droves?

It’s hard to say. With legalization on the horizon, poker resurfacing on TV and a still-growing worldwide player base, this could be the year poker surges back into the public consciousness and moves into the mainstream sports big leagues.

Or, it could be a bigger and more final ebb back to where it was seven or eight years ago.

We know where the current poker tidal wave peaked and started making its way back to sea, anyway: 2006, when almost 9,000 runners hit the Main Event and Jamie Gold redefined televised poker.

Will 2012 be the beginning of a new wave? If it has a chance, the WSOP needs something fun to happen this year. Really fun. Like Jamie Gold fun.

We can’t believe we just said that. But remember how good this was?:

3) Stay Gold, Phil Ivey. Stay Gold

Speaking of tidal waves peaking, remember when Phil Ivey was Phil Ivey? That was awesome.

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