Daily 3-Bet: Nadal Matrix, UW Magic, Ravens One-Outer

Xuan Liu easy game
Xuan Liu: We knew her first, CBC.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a last-second timeout, a 65-yard heave and a miraculous pinball into the arms of a receiver alone in the back of the afternoon poker news end zone.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the most insane bank of cameras we've ever seen in anticipation of Rafael Nadal's charity poker appearance, the CBC finally catches on to the University of Waterloo's poker dominance and the unbelievable finish to the Minnesota Vikings-Baltimore Ravens game put into poker context.

1) Nadal/Ronaldo Appearance Brings Out Shutterbugs

Wow. We don't quite know what exactly PokerStars is planning with this set-up but if they need footage to CGI some sort of crazy Nadal/Ronaldo Matrix-style poker commercial, they've got it covered:

2) University of Waterloo Churns Out Poker Geniuses... Who Knew?

We did, of course.

We've featured the illustrious grads of the University of Waterloo poker machine many times on PokerListings so it's nice to see the mainstream folks at Canada's national broadcasting arm, CBC, catching on.

Featured in a new article/video posted today about the poker successes of UW alum Mike "Timex" McDonald, Mike "SirWatts" Watson, Steve-Paul Ambrose, MIT prof Will Ma and Xuan Liu, who we of course featured recently in our own Easy Game mini-documentary series.

It's a solid piece, if a little light on poker understanding. And, as expected, the comments sections leaves a bit to be desired. Check the full piece out here; read more about great poker schools here and check our Xuan Easy Game episode above.

3) Ravens/Vikings Madness Summed Up in Poker Terms

We're not exactly football guys but if we were we swear we'd have come up with this brilliant visualization of the end of the Minnesota Vikings-Baltimore Ravens game yesterday.

As we were instead re-reading Fifty Shades of Grey and decorating our bedsit with snowflakes we handmade from lace doilies, we can only pass it on and admire its genius. Well played @BillEBowen.

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