Daily 3-Bet: Mouthing Off, Russian Inspiration, High-Stakes Divorce

Mike Matusow
You said what?

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Mike Matusow getting mouthy, Max Lykov getting inspirational and a split between two famous poker pros.

1) Max Lykov Looks for Inspiration

Max Lykov

You can expect results from voting for our PokerListings Spirit of Poker Awards later this week but last time we checked Russian Max Lykov was one of the frontrunners in the Most Inspiring Player category.

Today Lykov actually published a post on the PokerStars Blog on what it meant to be nominated and who he looks up to in poker:

I guess, like everybody, it was Phil Ivey who inspired me. Five years ago he was really on top of the poker world. He was the guy who was playing a different game than everybody else. I can't think of specific players who improved my game or were my idol, but for me Phil Ivey was a great player at the start of my career.

These days Lykov says he’s motivated to perform well to inspire other Russians since he believes the skill level in the country is still lagging behind the rest of Europe and the United States.

In other news Lykov is considering moving to another part of Europe and starting his own business while playing poker.

Check out the complete post from the insightful and inspirational Russian on the PokerStars blog.

2) Prahlad Friedman, Dee Luong Splitting Up

Prahlad Friedman
Prahlad Friedman

It’s not often anything from the poker world makes gossip site TMZ but apparently high-stakes pro Prahlad Friedman getting a divorce is fair game.

According to TMZ, fellow poker player Dee Luong filed for divorce after seven years of marriage citing irreconcilable differences.

The couple has no children but the main asset at stake is apparently their 4,200 square foot estate in Malibu. The mansion features a pool, gym, koi pond and is located several miles from the beach.

It’s pretty impressive, you can see the entire thing here, if a bit over-the-top for our taste.

Either way it’s pretty sad for one of our favorite couples although it’s not exactly unprecedented in poker.

Perhaps the bigger question is how Friedman was able to afford that house since he’s been fairly absent from the poker world ever since the whole UB fiasco.

Perhaps there’s a screen name on an online poker site we don’t know about.

3) Mouth Spouts Off on SHRPO

It sorta goes without saying but you just can’t keep Mike “The Mouth” Matusow quiet for long.

The often-controversial poker pro is at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open and decided to share a few things with Bluff Magazine on video. 

He goes on for a bit but he’s particularly riled up about the potential for chip smuggling and collusion at SHRPO and doesn’t care for re-entry tournaments.

Enjoy all that (and a Matt Glantz cameo) below:

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