Daily 3-Bet: Moorman Royal, Canseco Hoax, Hamster Chipsgiving

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Chris Moorman getting the royal treatment at WPT UK, Jose Canseco changes his mind about finger dropping story and the best use of poker chips ever conceived.

1) Moorman Hits Royal, Wins Cruise

Chris Moorman is good enough at poker he really doesn't need to get crushed by the deck.

He just can't seem to help himself, though, as he flopped his second Royal Flush in about the space of a year today at WPT UK.

As reported in the WPT Live Updates Moorman opened UTG with A Q, got called and saw the delightful flop splash K T J.


As part of a special promotion between the WPT and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines he's now won a "complimentary cruise for two in an ocean view stateroom onboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas and a seat in the Royal Poker Tournament."

Only downside? Moorman c-bet on the flop and his opponent folded.

Shockingly this was the second time Moorman's flopped a Royal in the current WPT season. He also did it at WPT Legends of Poker.

As of last check he's now up around 120k in chips with 70 players left but he's got some work to do to catch leaders David Peters, Antoine Saout and Jake Cody. Full rundown here.

2) Canseco "Finger Fell Off at Poker Tournament" a Hoax

So, remember that thing about Jose Canseco's finger falling off at a poker tournament?

Turns out it didn't happen. Which, of course, makes all the sense in the world and no sense at all.

That's the magic of Jose Canseco, really. We guess.

Nine fingers or 10 we'd be stoked to have him and his family at the Battle of Malta next year.

3) Poker-Chip Plates for Tiny Hamster Thanskgiving

Best use of poker chips ever? Yep, probably.

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