Daily 3-Bet: Moneymaker Tilt, Personality Void, Tennis = Poker?

Moneymaker Rocky
Even the world champ needs a coach.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a wooden racket, some snug Björn Borg shorts and a perfect, soft volley into the empty afternoon poker news court.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jared Tendler and Chris Moneymaker delving into the depths of poker tilt, Wicked Chops Poker weighs in on the poker is dying debate and some interesting parallels between grinding the Futures tennis tour and grinding low-stakes poker for a living.

1) Moneymaker: It Took a Long Time to Handle Bad Beats

Chris Moneymaker
His first-ever bad beat? Against Sammy Farha in the ME.

Speaking of poker amabassadors (as we have so much in the past couple days) few of course have had the kind of impact on any sport or game as Chris Moneymaker has had on poker.

One of the game's most visible faces Moneymaker is under the microscope from the second he walks into a poker room to the second he leaves - and, usually, hours after that too.

So how does a guy like that deal with the tougher mental elements of playing poker for a living?

Coach and author of The Mental Game of Poker, Jared Tendler, posted a great interview with the champ this week delving into several of those stickier issues including:

  • The pressures of being a world champion in a game he wasn't great at at first.
  • How he stays focused in long tournaments
  • How he deals with bad beats and tilt
  • How he needed/needs other players to help him learn the game

It's a great look inside a very unique poker life. Listen to the full interview here.

2) Personality + TV = Growth

Antonio Esfandiari
More Magician guy, please.
  • Daniel Negreanu (or “that skinny guy who talks a lot”)
  • Phil Hellmuth (or “that asshole”)
  • Doyle Brunson (or “the old guy with the cowboy hat”)
  • Phil Ivey (or “that black guy”)
  • Antonio Esfandiari (or “the Magician guy”)
  • Chris Moneymaker (or “Moneymaker”)

That's it. That's the full list of "poker personalities" recognizable outside of poker, Wicked Chops says, and we're in trouble because of it.

As the debate rages about the "death of Poker" and the dearth of poker ambassadors Wicked Chops weighed in today with an excerpt from a future BLUFF column about the "Poker Personality Void."

Their equation? Personality + TV = Growth, and until more poker pros (especially young ones) step up and fill the entertainment void for the average Joe, the game will stagnate.

Worse: We'll forever be relegated to "bowling" status. Can't say we agree completely but it's another interesting look at the state of the game.

3) Grinding Tennis Like Grinding $1/$2

Take a quick read of this and see if it sounds familiar:

“It’s 10 times harder now than when I was getting started,” Gilbert says. “When I was coming out, there weren’t as many full-time players.

"I played one satellite [as Futures-level tournaments were once known] and then started playing ATP tour events. It took me five months, and I was top 50. Now, it takes you a couple of years to be top 200 if you’re good.”

Rafael Nadal2
More parallels than you might think.

Taken from a piece about the death of poker and how the eays money, glory days are long gone? Nope. Actually from a great piece on Grantland today about surviving as a low-level Tennis professional.

There are natural differences, sure, and a stretch to call them that similar, but it was surprising to read some of the parallels between the two careers.

One of the more interesting ones?

The difference in pace between the top 20 pros and the bottom 200 isn't actually that different - it's how many shots into the point form breaks down.

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