Daily 3-Bet: Moneymaker Hobos, Bilzerian Home Life, Pee-Drinking Poker

Chris Moneymaker
We assume it was a late-night session?

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Chris Moneymaker revisiting his early days on the poker circuit, All In Magazine gets inside poker playboy Dan Bilzerian's LA mansion and Zack Elwood reveals an ancient technique that's changed his fortunes at the poker table.

1) Moneymaker Goes Retro

Chris Moneymaker is not busto and homeless. Repeat: Not homeless. We're pretty sure.

He did, for some reason, sleep in his car this weekend though:

Makes us a little weepy for the time we hobo'ed our way around the Dakotas following The Spin Doctors in 1999 (What of it? They were still great then...).

2) Dan Bilzerian's House (and Guns and Cars)

Want an inside look at the life of poker playboy Dan Bilzerian?

All In Magazine got an exclusive tour inside The Most Interesting Man on Instagram's abode (sidenote: it used to be Phil Ivey's house) recently and posted the first in a "Life of Dan Bilzerian" video series.

If you know anything about his Instagram account his life looks, well, exactly like you think it would look like.

Bilzerian himself? Actually like a man of reason, believe it or not. See for yourself:

3) Drink Your Own Urine, Play Better Poker

How early do you have to post an April Fool's joke these days to get any takers?

At least a day, it seems. Doesn't make it any less funny though, so kudos to Reading Poker Tells' Zachary Elwood. An excerpt:

Got to start early to play the fools.

"The fourth day out I got up nice and early, and made a big bacon, eggs, and toast breakfast accompanied by a juice glass filled with 3 ounces of my own “pure water” (as the Sanskrit text the Damar Tantra refers to it).

"It went down smooth and easy; it felt like I’d been drinking my own urine my whole life. Nothing much to report for that day but I did feel more calm and focused than I can remember recently.

"I guess my tip would be: Keep drinking the urine and don’t give up. (Lost $375.)"

Enjoy the full hilarity here.

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