Daily 3-Bet: Moneymaker Billionaire, Canada > US, 4 Poker Majors

Chris Moneymaker
Charter member of Billionaire Club

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a first-hand seven-way all-in, four bustouts and a play-chip stack that'd choke an afternoon poker news horse.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a surprising name at the top of the PokerStars Billionaire Club, betting odds for the Global Poker Masters favor Canada and we consider poker's "major" tournaments.

1) Money800 = #1 in Play Money

Chris Moneymaker
Even legends gotta grind.

If you read that headline and thought, "Huh, Chris Moneymaker is a billionaire? Makes sense I guess ..." you wouldn't be alone.

Given the reverence his name has in poker circles and his impact on the industry's bottom line it does seem right to think of Chris Moneymaker as a billionaire.

He should be. He's not, of course. He's still grinding it out on poker tours big and small, working on his game like the rest of us. He does have his own sunglasses, though.

But Moneymaker is a technical billionaire in one place: On the PokerStars Play Money Leaderboard - aka The Bilionnaire Club.

Money800's current tally? 15,412,744,041, putting him about 1.5 billion ahead of second-place Dash_Lane.

Did he win all those chips? Buy some? Get an open-ended credit line from Stars? Whatever the case it's fitting Moneymaker can at least call himself a Billionaire in some poker form. He's earned it ten-fold.

Check the full Billionaire Play-Money Club list.

2) Canada Opens as Favorite at GPM

Jonathan Duhamel
Duhamel anchors Team Canada with Barer, Mizzi.

Two interesting things to report here:

1. The first-ever Global Poker Masters, an eight-country team event hoping to become the World/Ryder Cup of Poker, can now officially be bet on at Bet365.

2. Team Canada has opened as the favorites to win outright at 2.20. Team USA is second at 3.00 and Team Germany is third at 7.00.

Everybody's stacked so it's pretty hard to find a reason to pick one over the other but the fact you can actually wager real money on the event is one more awesome notch in Alex Dreyfus's "Sportify Poker" belt.

Given the current odds he says he'd bet on Germany, but there's no question where we'd go: the underdog, Ukraine.

Too good at too good a price. And, we expect, very motivated to play for national pride right now.

Check the full team rosters right here. Event starts Mar. 21 and will be live streamed on Twitch.

3) What Would You Pick as Poker's Four Majors?

Sticking with the Sportify Poker momentum PokerPlayerLifestyle.com stirred up some discussion among pros this weekend as to what they would consider poker's four "major" tournaments.

Day 7 WSOP 2013 Main Event 7
Kind of a big deal.

Spoiler Alert: The World Series of Poker Main Event is a consensus pick.

The other three? Some interesting cases made for a select few events but still a surprising amount of variance.

For our money: WSOP Main Event, EPT Grand Final, PCA Main Event, World Championship of Online Poker.

What are your picks? Let us know in the comments.

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