Daily 3-Bet: Mizzi Shark Bait, Madsen State Champ, 10m Manonoko

Sorel Mizzi
I ain't afraid of no shark. Maybe.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tub of chum, a chainmail speedo and a silent-screaming dip in shark-infested afternoon poker news waters.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Sorel Mizzi having the ante upped on his 5 km ocean swim, Jeff Madsen builds some momentum heading to the World Series of Poker and Randy "nanonoko" Lew goes where only four men have gone before.

1) Mizzi Puts Up $10k More; Unfazed By Sharks

A quick update on the terrifying prop bet Sorel Mizzi agreed to last week in which he'll try to swim five km across open ocean to an island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

He clearly still believes he can do it, is willing to put another (!) $10k on the line for it and, apparently, isn't afraid of sharks:

We're with Dave on this one, though it does seem fatal shark attacks are more of a Northern Brazil thing.

Mizzi's swim is supposed to happen sometime this week; we'll keep an eye out for news/shark warnings.

2) Madsen Wins California State Championship for $160k

Jeff Madsen
Madsen: Rhymes with cash (sorta).

Remember Jeff Madsen?

The one-time WSOP Player of the Year (2006, when he burst onto the poker scene by winning two bracelets in a week and final-tabling four times) has been a staple of the poker scene over the last eight years.

Given his "memorable" rap tracks and noticeable off-the-felt antics, though, he's not usually one of the names thrown around as a "big talent" in poker per se.

His results quietly say otherwise. He won the Borgata Winter Open for $600k in 2010. Final-tabled the WPT Hard Rock Showdown and won a WSOP bracelet last year. Now he's built some momentum for the 2014 WSOP as he took down the California State Poker Championship for $160k last night.

Even more significantly, instead of spending his free-time/money drinking after a big win he's getting straight back to work on his game:

If you've got an unfilled spot on your WSOP Fantasy team, you could do a lot worse than spending it on Madsen.

3) Randy Lew 4th Ever to Hit 10m VPP Milestone

As if we (or you) didn't already have a million (or 10m) reasons to be awed by Randy "nanonoko" Lew, here's another one:

As the kids say these days: so, so, so sick. Congrats Randy.

As with another recent joinee of the 10m VPP club, Vladimir Shabalin, Lew can also now take a "fantasy" dream vacation anywhere on the globe, care of PokerStars.

Destination suggestions, we're sure, are welcome on his Twitter account. Check out our recent sitdown with nanonoko at the PokerListings studio below:

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