Daily 3-Bet: Miss Finland Returns, WSOP Wants U, Unbeatable Bot

Sara Chafak
Back on the Shark Cage grind.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a T5 processor, a proprietary algorithm and still no clue what to do when check-raised on the afternoon poker news turn.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Miss Finland seeking redemption on Shark Cage Season 2, the World Series of Poker wants you to decide the payouts for the Main Event and the University of Alberta claims an unbeatable poker bot.

1) Sara Chafak, Maria Ho Get 2nd Chance

sarachafakphotocreditlinaolofsson 3
Who will fall to Chafak this time?

A wise man delirious hobo once told us, "Ask, and it shall be given you."

It's never worked before (not even once), but apparently yesterday someone got the orders mixed up and our big ask made it through the slush pile for once.

Miss Finland Sara Chafak, who we've been enthralled with since the last season of PokerStars's Shark Cage, will return to play again on the program in Season 2.

Even better, she's due to play tomorrow in the Bahamas in an "all redemption" lineup for players who finished second in their heats last season, including our awesome 2014 Battle of Malta host Maria Ho.

At the table alongside them will be Theo Jorgensen, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, Ike Haxton and a new online qualifier.

As we said yesterday the footage won't hit the air until later in the year but now we have all kinds of hopes for another flummoxed pro trying desparately to figure out if she's got it or not.

Revisit some of last season's best moments here.

2) WSOP Wants Your Input on Main Event Payouts

Planning on playing the Main Event this year? Want to increase your chances of getting paid if you do?

$10m up top ok?

The World Series of Poker is soliciting input from poker players near and far with regards to the payout schedule for the 2015 Main Event in the form of a 3-minute, 10-question survey.

If you've got some strong feelings about how much the winner should get, what percentage of the field should be paid and how much a minimum cash should be, here's your window of opportunity.

Given the WSOP's pretty solid track record of listening to what players want there's a pretty good chance the results of the survey may in fact dictate what happens this summer (or next).

It literally is less than 3 minutes of your time so if you have a sec, have at'er right here.

3) University of Alberta Unleashes Cepheus, the "Unbeatable" Limit Bot

Has the perfect, unbeatable Limit Hold'em bot finally been unleashed on the poker world?

That's the claim of the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group, which unveiled "Cepheus" on Thursday along with a corresponding article in the journal Science and a place to play against it.

Unbeatable? Not likely. But maybe?

To learn the game, The Guardian reports, Cepheus spent two months playing more than a billion billion hands of Texas hold’em -- "more than have been played in the entirety of human history."

Four thousand computer processors, each handling six billion hands every second, were used along with an algorithm that reviewed every decision and then learned which moves paid off and which cost it the hand.

“For every single possible situation you could get into, it has a description for how you should play,” said Neil Burch, one of the Computer Scientists who developed Cepheus. "Cepheus loses to no one over a long enough time. You just have to play enough hands so that luck goes away.”

Only problem with that conclusion? Apparently Cepheus can't adapt.

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