Daily 3-Bet: Mind of Kitai, Shak Market, ESPN's Cuckoo for Kassouf

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Hail to the king?

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Davidi Kitai as the source for a new study, Dan Shak doing some selling and William Kassouf dominating yet another WSOP broadcast.

1) Research Doc Centers on Kitai

If you had the opportunity to dig into the mind of one poker player, Davidi Kitai wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Davidi Kitai2
Mind of a poker pro.

That’s the premise behind French journalist Quentin Domart’s upcoming 52-minute documentary Poker Mind.

Domart tapped CU Boulder researcher McKell Carter to try and understand what makes gives Kitai his superior decision-making abilities.

Carter is an assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience and, as part of the study, had Kitai go into an MRI and play a poker game so that researchers could analyze how the brain works in such a situation.

Sadly there isn’t likely to be any decisive statements from the research about poker as there are simply too many factors at play but researchers are hoping to better understand cognitive ability.

It’s a fascinating concept and there’s more on the University of Colorado Boulder website.

Poker Mind is set to debut in 2017.

2) Dan Shak Sells Action for One Drop

It’s not often you get a chance to buy a piece of wealthy businessman/poker player Dan Shak but a €1m buy-in tournament will do funny things to the poker economy.

Shak Tweeted his intention to play the businessman-only €1m buy-in One Drop in Monte Carlo next month and even said he would be putting some of his action up for grabs.

Here’s the thing though: It might be a very solid investment.

Shak has over $8.6m in lifetime live tournament earnings and is a proven shark when it comes to super high rollers with massive scores in the Aussie Millions, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and Aria Super High Roller Bowl.

Couple that with the fact Shak will be competing against businessmen only in this year’s Big One for One Drop and he might, in fact, be one of the favorites.

By the way they are officially up to 35 players in the One Drop Extravaganza.

3) William Kassouf: Relentless with a Capital R

The man they call Mr. Coconuts took center stage once again in the fresh WSOP episodes that aired on EPSN over the weekend.

Everyone knew that talkative Brit William Kassouf would play a major part in the WSOP Main Event broadcast but maybe we were underestimating just how much attention he would grab.

For the second-straight week Kassouf held the lion’s share of coverage and it’s clear he’s the runaway star of the 2016 Main Event.

Of course not everyone is a fan and Kassouf was starting to get on the nerves of some players in episodes 5 and 6 of the show. At a certain point several players started threatening to call the clock on the always vocal London native.

Check it out below:

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