Daily 3-Bet: Min-Cash Mitch, Land of Poker Free, Foxwoods Fiend

Ariel "FoxwoodsFiend" Schneller

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a couple of pot brownies, a questionable move with 8-6 and an afternoon poker news YouTube clip that'll live on forever.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a great piece on the Allen Kessler of England, Ari Engel heads North as America debates reinstating the Wire Act and online poker legend Ariel Schneller takes us on a walk down poker memory lane.

1) Min-Cash Mitch Looking for Name Change

Mitch Johnson (Photo: Neil Stoddart PokerStars)

Love this piece by Nick Wright for the PokerStars blog on England's Mitch Johnson and the ups-and-downs of cashing-but-not-crushing poker tournaments.

Dubbed "Min-Cash Mitch" by his pals for his proclivity to get close to a big score but never quite get over the hump, the trials of Johnson will likely resonate with a lot of poker players on the tourney grind.

As part of a well-connected group of poker friends, including the esteemed Simon Deadman, Johnson's been able to enjoy his fair share of poker's spoils by proxy but still has yet to see the breakthrough cash of his own he's hoping for.

As always in poker, though, hope springs eternal and Johnson's currently got a stack - albeit under average - with under 60 players left in the EPT Malta main event.

Read the full piece here and watch it play out live on the EPT Malta live stream right here.

2) Ari Engel Heads North to Land of Poker Free

So while poker players in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey (and the rest of America) wait for the outcome of the imminent hearing over HR707, the Restoration of the Wire Act, this is still a thing:

Let's hope reason prevails in the hearing today, which you can .

3) Pot Brownies, $100k Blackjack Hands and Public Defense

If you followed online poker as wide-eyed and deleriously as we did back in 2006-2008 you'll no doubt recognize the name Ariel Schneller. Or, more likely, the online nicknames FoxwoodsFiend, DaEvils and VickisGod.

Part of an elite group of grinders who played some of the most fascinating games ever played online, Schneller moved on from poker a few years back to pursue a law degree at Harvard.

He's now a Public Defense Attorney in New York and rarely, if ever, steps back into the poker world he was once such an influential part of. He does, however, have some amazing stories to tell about those days and shared a few with Joey Ingram on his Poker Life Podcast yesterday.

From his perpetual bankroll busting to his fantastical rise up to the nosebleeds to huge RailHeaven losses and epic Vegas degening, it's well worth a listen. He also tells the real story behind the famous Weed Brownie video. Spoiler alert: Despite the laughs they ended up losing a lot of money. If you have a couple of hours to spare, have at it below:

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