Daily 3-Bet: Milkybar Styling, Pius Profiling, Nguyening!

The House that PLO Built.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a tipsy mini-bike ride through the pre-dawn haze of a poker news full-moon party.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find PLO wunderkind Ben Grundy living large in London, Pius Heinz looking for help and the sounds of Scotty Nguyen ringing from home games everywhere.

1) Ben Grundy Lives in a Sweet House That PLO Built

Ben Grundy
Likes his old houses modern.

It’s good to be the milkybarkid.

Owner of perhaps the best poker graph in history, online high-stakes PLO wunderkind Ben Grundy is reaping the rewards of his dedicated grinding as we speak.

Grundy bought an older house in London (in the tony Chiswick neighborhood) a couple of years ago and has been putting his PLO money into renos to bring it up to sufficient milkybar style.

According to Grundy’s latest blog, renos are finally done, he’s back in the black after a downswing at the end of last year and life is back as it should be:

"In the latter part of last year I dropped around $400k, on Pokerstars and the Euro sites, which is a pretty standard swing for the stakes I play.

"I did get to finally move into my new house after 16 months of work. I basically bought a run down house, found an architect and embarked on a big project to sink the house, do a side and rear extension, have a landscaped garden, and a massive refurbishment.

"It was really stressful at times, and maybe my poker suffered a bit last year and my expenses were insane every month. It was worth it as i absolutely love the house now."

Given the size and location, estimates are he paid anywhere between £2-3 million for it.

Not our personal style, sure. But we’d make do.

2) Work for Pius Pius Heinz, Supply Your Own Uniform

Pius Heinz
Good help is hard to find.

2011 WSOP Main Event champ Pius Heinz is in the market for some marketing help.

Looking to turn the brand of “Germany’s most famous” poker player into something even bigger, Pius’s team posted a profile on a German job board for at least 3 interns in PR, Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

What you need to apply:

  • You work independently and autonomously
  • You've mastered the German language
  • You're mentally flexible enough to adapt to working in two different companies and you are very determined
  • You know social networks
  • You‘re ready for 3-6 months of a great and exciting challenge

Your rewards include:

  • A stable job in the technology center in Cologne
  • A fixed fee and performance-based bonus (3 +1)
  • Direct cooperation with poker champion Pius Heinz and his "environment"

We don’t speak much German and Google translate can only take you so far, but we’re pretty sure a white hoodie is mandatory and it’s coming out of pocket.

3) Nguyening! The Scotty Nguyen Soundboard Lives!

Just in case you missed it yesterday, we’ve posted the ultimate tool for your next home game if badgering your opponents in a Vietnamese accent is your thing.

Just press a button and you’ve brought Scotty Nguyen to the table!

We're not going to say what our favorite Scotty-ism is, but if you don't like hearing "haha I rolled up" over and over again, you're dead inside. Check it out below!

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