Daily 3-Bet: Mercier Net Worth, Antonius Nightmare, Squash with Gus

Patrik Antonius
Didn't enjoy losing $800k pot.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a fresh-strung racket, a reasonable backswing and a perfect drop shot right into the afternoon poker news nick.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Laak holding an exclusive pipeline to Jason Mercier's net worth, Patrik Antonus tells us what it feels like to lose an $880k pot and Gus Hansen opens up a squash center. No, really.

1) Laak Knows JMerc's $$

You see a lot of weird, off-the-cuff prop bets in poker but none much weirder than this one between Phil Laak and Jason Mercier.

Poker pals re-united at this week's WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Laak tweeted out this happy shot of the two together:

The rare pic of a smiling Mercier evoked F5 Poker to remember an odd prop from 2011 that, we assume, is still in play:

If it was us, that might be one we'd buy out of due to the humiliation factor. If we could afford it.

2) Antonius: "My Worst Experience of Any Hands I've Ever Played"

The video library at the expanding Ivey League training site is growing daily and yesterday we were treated to this entertaining sit down with Ivey and Patrik Antonius.

The two discuss a hand they played in the 2007 Million Dollar Cash Game where Antonius ended up on the losing end of an $800k pot.

Needless to say it couldn't have turned out much worse for Patrik - although he did win the $60k prop bet. Enjoy:


3) Gus Hansen: Top 25 Squash Player in Denmark?

Gus Hansen
"Know any squash courts around here?"

We knew Gus Hansen was a pretty big fan of racket sports and aren't surprised he's pretty competitive when he plays, but a Top 25 squash player in Denmark?

While Gus has shown signs of turning his epic online poker downswing around lately his life seems to be carrying on just fine in other realms.

He announced this week he's now opening a squash center in Copenhagen with friend and reigning Danish champion Morten Wiegandt Sørensen.

As for his own squash skills, Gus told Danish tabloid Ekstrabladet he can hold his own:

“I can give the top 10 best players in Denmark a good run for their money, but I can also lose to number 31.

I am definitely good enough to play in the Elite Division (the highest league in DK), where I won two matches and lost four this season. I would say I am in the top 25 in Denmark”

Impressive to say the least. Btw if you happen to be in Copenhagen and want to test his assessment you can get in the squash box with him on Saturday from 4:15-5:00 pm.

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